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The full toy

Omega t-rex

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Jp Omega T Rex by hellraptor
Chaos Genesis: Purebred, dominant Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex: Massive, bipedal, predatorial carnivore.

Length: 50 ft. Weight: 10 tons Diet: Meat

Behavior: Purebred and purely terrifying, the Omega T-Rex is by far the largest, most ferocious predator to ever walk the earth. Genetic fine-tuning has turned this large Tyrannosaurus into a hyper-aggressive lizard – the ultimate Tyrannosaurus rex. No longer does it possess the inherent weaknesses of a genetically unaltered T. rex: it is faster, stronger, has better eyesight and sense of smell, and has somehow developed a much more aggressive temperament than its predecessor. Brilliant coloration and unnatural markings easily distinguish this colossal lizard as a mutated Chaos Effect variety. Enormous jaws open wide to gulp prey down whole. Omega T. rex: the incontestable tyrant king of the dinosaurs!


  • Unlike most of the other Chaos Effect animals, this dinosaur isn't a mix of several animals. It is only labelled as a "genetically enhanced Tyrannosaurus rex".
  • This is one of the biggest dinosaurs ever produced in the various JP toy lines. Only the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus is larger.
  • It shares the same mold as the Bull T. rex from the Lost World toy line, which was later retooled for the Jurassic Park 2009 toy line.
  • A boxed sample of this toy usually fetches quite a high price: usually around $75-125.
  • It is stated on the back of the figure's box to be the most dangerous animal to have ever lived, even more dangerous than Spinosaurus, and only matched by the Ultimasaurus.


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