Onchopristis is a genus of extinct giant sawfish that lived in the Lower Cretaceous to Upper Cretaceous in North Africa and New Zealand. It was very large, up to 8 m (26.2 ft) long when fully grown. As with modern sawfish, Onchopristis' eyes were on top of its head, to spot predators rather than prey, and its mouth and gills were under its body. The rostrum, or snout, was around 2.5 m (8.2 ft) long, lined with barbed teeth. The rostrum most likely would have had electrosensors to detect food in the water below them like most modern sharks and some rays. Onchopristis may have raked through the riverbed to find and then eat prey. It was one of the favorite prey of Spinosaurus.

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Jurassic World: The Game

see Onchopristis/JW: TG

Onchopristis is an aquatic super rare surface creature in Jurassic World: The Game. It is erroneously portrayed as a sawshark, instead of a sawfish.


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