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Ophthalmosaurus (Eye Lizard) was an Ichthyosaur of the Middle to Late Jurassic period. It is widely known for its disproportionately large eyes, which give the species its name. It had a toothless jaw perfect for catching squids and a 19.5 ft (6m) dolphin-shaped body. Ophthalmosaurus was closely related to its more famous cousin, Ichthyosaurus.

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Inside the Marine Facility there was a framated photo of skeletal of three ichthyosaur genera. These were in the order of Chaohusaurus geishanensis, Mixosaurus cornalianus, and finally, Ophthalmosaurus icenicus.[1]

Jurassic Park: Builder

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Ophthalmosaurus hasn't appeared in the novels or in the movies, but it is found in the iOS/Android game, Jurassic Park: Builder.

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