Orlando is a city in Florida. Hammond had considered to build a small dinosaur park near this city. The Jurassic Park themed attractions of Islands of Adventure are located at Orlando. The novella Jurassic Park Adventures: Flyers takes place at Orlando.

Jurassic Park location

In Jurassic Park, when the storm hits the island, John Hammond utters "Why didn't I build in Orlando?" This indicates that Orlando was one of the locations where Hammond had considered to build his dinosaur park before he build Jurassic Park: San Diego.

Universal Studios Florida

see Islands of Adventure

The premise of the Universal Studios theme park is that in 1999, Hamond finally decided to build a new Jurassic Park in Orlando, starring dinosaurs that were taken from Site B, presumably with Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler's re-endorsement. The park staff will pretend (in their talks and presentations) that you are in the fictional park and the dinosaurs are real.


  • The construction in Florida is most likely based on the known fact that if an amusement park is successful in California (e.g. SeaWorld, Disneyland, Universal Studios) another would be built in Florida.
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