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Ouranosaurus (meaning "brave lizard") was a hadrosauriform dinosaur that lived in Africa during the Early Cretaceous period. Ouranosaurus had a hump similar to that of present day camels. Ouranosaurus lived in Africa during the Cretaceous period, alongside predators like Suchomimus, Eocarcharia, and Sarcosuchus, and was their common prey.

Jurassic Park franchise[]

Ouranosaurus is one of the many dinosaurs from Africa that appeared in the Dinopedia section of the Jurassic Park Institute.


These clones of Ouranosaurus have a dark brown color on their body, a cream-colored underside, blue crest, and an orange colored sail with cream-colored stripes running horizontally across it. The clones also had a dewclaw on their hind limbs, which the original animals lacked in real life. They also have the ability to gallop on all fours.


The Ouranosaurus has exhibited territorial defense behavior in response to the presence of Scorpios rex, a predatory hybrid, which has disrupted their habitat and limited access to resources. This stressor has triggered a threat response, leading the Ouranosaurus to aggressively defend their territory and scarce resources from perceived threats, including campers and Bumpy the Ankylosaurus. The Ouranosaurus has also displayed pursuit behavior, chasing trespassers into the sea and continuing to attack even when they attempt to escape by boat, demonstrating a heightened sense of vigilance and aggression in response to the perceived threat. This behavior is an adaptive response to the presence of a formidable predator, and is characterized by increased territorial marking, threat displays, and aggressive behavior towards perceived threats. The Ouranosaurus's behavior is consistent with a "fight-or-flight" response, prioritizing survival and defense of their territory over other behaviors.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Ouranosaurus was one of the dinosaurs bred by InGen on Isla Nublar for Jurassic World. At least 3 individuals were cloned prior to the 2015 incident. However, it is unknown if they were ever shown to the public. Following the events, they were one of many dinosaurs left to roam free on the island, and potentially competed with other Ornithopods such as Parasaurolophus, Parasaurolophus lux, Edmontosaurus, and Corythosaurus.

Safe Harbor[]

While a group of survivors stranded on Isla Nublar after the Jurassic World Incident were searching through an abandoned dock for supplies, they were attacked by a very territorial Ouranosaurus pair. One of the Ouranosaurus engages in a brief confrontation with Bumpy. However the Ouranosaurus is easily defeated and accepts its defeat.

The children eventually arrive back at their boat and attempt to escape with it, but the Ouranosaurus swim after them until the kids set off fireworks and scare the dinosaurs away. After returning to shore, the Ouranosaurus were killed by the Scorpios rex.

Eye of the Storm[]

A spooked Ouranosaurus is among a stampede of dinosaurs fleeing from the Scorpios rex.

Following the death of the monstrous hybrids, it is unknown how many more Ouranosaurus survived. However, those that did survive up until 2018 had to face an even greater threat, the eruption of Mt. Sibo. It is believed that at least one Ouranosaurus was taken off the island. Here it would escape into the wild.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

The Drop[]

While Ben tries to free Bumpy at the DPW Harbour, Yaz and Sammy say that they will distract the DPW Worker. During this scene, an Ouranosaurus bellow can be heard in the background, implying the species survived to the present.


Promotional Images[]

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]


  • The scene with the Ouranosaurus chasing Kenji though the crates is similar to the Kaprosuchus chase from Series 4, Episode 2 of the ITV series Primeval.
  • Some concept art for Camp Cretaceous portrays Ouranosaurus with a similar colour scheme to that of the one on the Jurassic Park Institute.

Behind the Scenes[]

Jurassic Park III[]

Ouranosaurus was originally supposed to appear in the Riverside scene for Jurassic Park III, but it was cut from the film.