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Oviraptor is a very unique dinosaur with some rather strange features. Instead of teeth it has a beak and something not seen in any other dinosaur: a pair of teeth in the roof of its mouth. The reason it got its name is that when it was first discovered Oviraptor was sitting on a nest of eggs. It was thought it was stealing the eggs of another dinosaur. Years later, it was found that the eggs were its own and that it was trying to protect them from an approaching sandstorm.

Oviraptor has another unusual feature - it has a thin crest of bone on its forehead. This crest seems to have grown and changed throughout its entire life. It may have been used as a form of individual identification or to differentiate gender. Also, different species of the Oviraptor genus had different crests. It is not clear what Oviraptor ate. Though it probably still included the eggs of other dinosaurs, it had very strong jaws, making some think that it would have eaten shellfish that it could easily crack open. Others argue that it must have been an herbivore as its skull did not show characteristics for meat-eating.


The Jurassic Park Franchise Oviraptor is covered in a full coat of white feathers over its body down to the top of its stomach and bottom of the neck, ending in a fan of feathers at the end of its tail, although its arms are wingless. The scales of the Oviraptor are grey, while its beak and head crest are red. A black stripe runs down from the neck to the tail. The Oviraptor also is identical in size to the actual animal; intriguing, since most of the animals in the franchise are either larger or smaller than their real life counterparts.


Jurassic World: Dominion: The Prologue[]

During a flashback of the Cretaceous, an Oviraptor was raiding a nest of eggs from an unknown dinosaur, one of which the dinosaur ate in the process before getting momentarily distracted by another dinosaur's call (possibly the owner of the eggs).

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

An Oviraptor was among the animals kept within the Amber Clave Night Market for their pit fights. This individual was pitted against a Lystrosaurus, whom decapitated the dinosaur with its jaws just as the fight began. Despite this, the Oviraptor's decapitated body got back up and began running across the pit in a similar cartoonish manner.


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Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Jurassic Park Franchise[]

Oviraptor appeared in the website Jurassic Park: Institute on Dinopedia.[1] Oviraptor nesting grounds could also be seen in the website's Dino Lab.

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