Pachycephalosaurus screen

Pachycephalosaurus is an unlockable dinosaur in Jurassic World Evolution.


Pachycephalosaurus fossils are unlocked once the player __.

Base Stats (at 100% Genome)

Attack 48
Defense 24
Lifespan 82
Resilience 37
Rating 39
Incubation Cost $195,000

Dig Sites

  • Hell Creek Formation
  • Lance Formation
  • Scollard Formation


  • Alpine Pattern
  • Savannah Pattern
  • Jungle Pattern
  • Arid Pattern
  • Steppe Pattern


Pachycephalosaurus has 10 Gap ID slots to modify.

  1. Cosmetic
  2. Defense
  3. Lifespan
  4. Habitat
  5. Resilience
  6. Stress
  7. Lifespan
  8. Defense
  9. Social
  10. Defense



Pachycephalosaurus eats small amounts from ground herbivore feeders.
They live in moderate social groups to survive predation and also prefer to have a variety of other dinosaurs nearby.
They like good sized open grassland areas with a slightly smaller coverage of forest.
They are vulnerable to most predators but can defend themselves against small carnivores.


Small Herbivore

Health Requirement

Appetite 61
Metabolism 3.22

Comfort Requirement

Comfort Threshold 25%
Grassland 10,500 m2
Forest 5,000 m2
Wetland 0 m2
Ideal Population 3 - 10
Social Group 3 - 6


Susceptible Campylobacter
Immune N/A

Food Preference

Primary Preference Cycads
Secondary Preference Grasses
Harmed By: Tree Ferns

InGen Database


Era Late Cretaceous
Family Pachycephalosauridae
Genus Pachycephalosaurus
Height 1.4 m
Weight 450 kg
Length 4.5 m
Feeder Type Ground Herbivore


Pachycephalosaurus was a pachycephalosaur (or thick-headed dinosaur) that lived in North America. It was one of the last non-avian dinosaurs before the Cretaceous-paleogene extinction event about 65 million years ago.
It is distinctive for the reinforced dome of its skull, leading to speculation that they used to fight each other by head-butting. This has more recently been countered with the suggestion of flank-butting.


Pachycephalosaurus fossils may have been discovered in 1850 in the Lance Formation in south-eastern Montana. Early finds were fragmentary, but more complete specimens have recently been discovered.


Pachycephalosaurus lived on what were floodplains. Its sharp separated teeth would have made it ideal for a mixed-plants diet, and capable of shredding leaves.


  • The Steppe pattern can only be unlocked once the player creates a 5 star park on Muerta East on any Challenge difficulty.


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