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Pachyrhinosaurus (meaning "thick-nosed lizard") was a medium sized centrosaurine ceratopsian that lived in the Late Cretaceous Period of North America around 72-69 million years ago. It's most defining feature was its huge, bony mass, or lump, on its face. The exact size of Pachyrhinosaurus varied with each species, P. canadensis is estimated to be up to 8 meters in length and weighing 4 tonnes, while P. lakustai and P. perotorum were only 5 meters in length and weighed 2 tonnes. It was closely related to Styracosaurus and more distantly related to Triceratops.

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The Pachyrhinosaurus clones resemble their real life counterparts greatly, with the exception of have elephantine feet. They are dark grey with bronzish coloring on the frill and sides of the face.



According to information from the Dinosaur Protection Group, Pachyrhinosaurus was on InGen's List and was planned to be an attraction for Jurassic Park, with 8% of its genome being completed, but this never came to pass due to InGen's financial troubles.[1] The ceratopsian was eventually recreated by the Masrani Global Corporation for use in Jurassic World. Its genetic material was also utilised in the genome of Sinoceratops.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Pachyrhinosaurus populations continued to persist on Isla Nublar in the aftermath of the Jurassic World Incident.[2] At least one Pachyrhinosaurus was captured prior to the Eruption of Mt. Sibo, being placed on the Arcadia's mainfest list.[3] The captured Pachyrhinosaurus individuals were either sold at the Lockwood Manor Auction or escaped into the wild with the remaining dinosaurs during the Dinosaur Outbreak.[2]

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory

Season 1


In the aftermath of the Dinosaur Outbreak, one Pachyrhinosaurus was spotted in Big Rock National Park. Two Department of Prehistoric Wildlife agents, Mike and Ronnie, were given the task to capture it. Ronnie and Mike approached the Pachyrhinosaurus. Mike was terrified of the animal and pointed his tranquilizer rifle at it. Ronnie attempted to dissuade him from shooting the dinosaur and told him to get a net launcher so they could safely capture and transport it. However, the Pachyrhinosaurus made a sudden noise, startling Mike and causing him to accidentally shoot the animal with a tranq dart, aggravating the Pachyrhinosaurus in the process. When Darius Bowman came to the scene while searching for an Allosaurus, he managed to calm the Pachyrhinosaurus down by removing a piece of barbed wire that was stuck on one of its feet. Afterwards, Darius gave the Pachyrhinosaurus an apple and talked with Ronnie while the dinosaur playfully shoved Mike with its head. Suddenly, the Pachyrhinosaurus became silent, alerting the humans that something was wrong. At that moment, theAllosaurus Darius was searching for emerged from a stand of bushes nearby and attacked the Pachyrhinosaurus, although the ceratopsid was easily able to fend off the theropod.

"Into the Fog"

The same Pachyrhinosaurus was captured by the DPW under the orders of Dudley Cabrera and transported to a warehouse. It was tied down onto a flatbed truck for transport, but Darius loosened the straps to enable the dinosaur to break free as a distraction so that he and Kenji Kon could sneak into the warehouse. The Pachyrhinosaurus broke free from its restraints and attacked the backup sent to recapture it. The dinosaur was shot with multiple tranq darts and was eventually recaptured. Several other Pachyrhinosaurus were also inside crates found during the Nublar Six's investigation of the warehouse.

"The End of the Beginning"

When Mateo broke into the warehouse to save the Nublar Six, he accidentally released several dinosaurs, including a Carnotaurus, a pair of Parasaurolophus, a Suchomimus, and the Pachyrhinosaurus itself. The dinosaurs began to attack everyone on the docks. When the Tyrannosaurus Big Eatie was accidentally released due to the fight between the Carnotaurus and the Suchomimus, the Pachyrhinosaurus and the two Parasaurolophus fled from the scene and returned to the wild.


Jurassic World: Chaos Theory

Season 1


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory

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Behind the Scenes

Pachyrhinosaurus is one of the many ceratopsians that appeared in the Dinopedia section of Jurassic Park Institute.

The Sinoceratops was originally called Pachyrhinosaurus in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom before being renamed after the first trailer. The concept art of Pachyrhinosaurus resembles the Walking with Dinosaurs movie counterpart. [4][5]

Pachyrhinosaurus was planned to be in Jurassic World: Dominion, but it was scrapped since the filmmakers believed that four ceratopsians were enough.