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Paradeinonychus is a hybrid dinosaur created as part of the Chaos Effect series. It is a cross between Parasaurolophus and Deinonychus.


Paradeinonychus was bred as an amphibious, high-speed hunter. It combines the powerful legs and body of a Parasaurolophus with the lethal claws and teeth of a Deinonychus. Like the Parasaurolophus, it can stay underwater for extended periods of time, giving it a distinct predatorial advantage of being able to submerge under water while chasing prey, which would think that it either gave up the chase or drowned, only to be surprised that it had been out flanked from underwater. It runs in large, vicious packs.


  • This figures price often fluctuates. It can start as $10–15, then go up to $40–50. It's not the most common figure, and can be found on eBay.
  • If one looks closely it can be noticed that there are many slash marks on the skin of the figure. It also has the tip of its tail missing leading collectors to believe that it got in a fight with another Paradeinonychus.
  • This figure was inspired by an unreleased Ceratosaurus figure of the same line sporting similar slash marks and a damaged tail. It had the same overall design, but was scrapped.
  • This toy was also shown in the commercial for Chaos Effect.