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Parasuchus (“near crocodile”) was a genus of phytosaur. It was one of the earliest and most primitive crocodile-like reptiles. The nostrils of Parasuchus, while further back than any crocodile, lie further forward than they do in more advanced phytosaurs, it lived in India during the Late Triassic Period.

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Video games


Credit to Jurassica.Net

Parasuchus only appeared in one game: The Lost World: Jurassic Park as an enemy to the Compy in an underwater cavern. The coloration is a murky green with a faded yellow underbelly. It appears to have spikes on its back.

In the game it is misspelled as Barasuchus (due to grammar error); there has never been a creature reported named Barasuchus

It is also mentioned in the introscreen of the Human Hunter level. It says:

Be on careful lookout for Baryonyx, Barasuchus, and Dimetrodon.


  • In Japan the term Bara literally means "rose" cause of this grammarical error in the creature's name it would literally mean "rose crocodile". This is the occasion for Japan's interpretation of its alphabet where the letter "P" does not exist and instead is replaced with a "B".
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