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The Pilot was one of Eli Mills' mercenaries, she flew an helicopter during the retrieval of the Indominus rex bone sample.


She was first seen speaking to the six campers who were attempting to leave the Island. The Pilot landed the helicopter and told the kids to get inside, but due to the T. rex showing up, only three of the campers got in, she flew before her partner and the others campers could get inside.

As they fled, the helicopter was surrounded by an Pteranodon flock, the kids told her to turn off the lights since it attracted the pterosaurs. After turning off the lights, The pilot apologized for doubting the kids and nearly hits a Brachiosaurus, this caused the helicopter to crash into a tree.

As the helicopter hanged on the vines, the pilot was passed out and the kids as well, after the kids woke up and managed to get out, the pilot was left behind. The helicopter dropped from the tree and exploded as it reached the ground. It is unknown what happened to the pilot afterwards. The kids escaped from the incident.




  • Due to a complete oversight on the production company's part, the pilot is not seen in the helicopter after it crashed in the tree. She is labeled as deceased, however, it is ambiguous as to whether or not she actually is dead, or is just missing. Of course, after the events of Fallen Kingdom, she would be likely deceased.
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