Plataleorhynchus was a genus of ctenochasmatid pterodactyloid pterosaur from the Upper Jurassic or Lower Cretaceous Purbeck Limestone of Dorset, England.

The genus was named in 1995 by Stafford Howse and Andrew R.C. Milner|Andrew Milner. The type species is Plataleorhynchus streptophorodon. The genus name is derived from Platalea, the spoonbill, and Greek rhynchos, "snout", in reference to the distinctive form of the front of the skull. The specific name is derived from Greek streptophoros, "collared", and odon, "tooth", referring to the tooth form.

It is based on holotype NHML R.11957 (earlier BMNH R.11957), an incomplete anterior upper jaw with teeth found in a chalkstone quarry near Langton Matravers. The fossil is present on a plate; its underside is visible. This jaw is notable because it expands to form a circular, spatula-like shape at the front, holding 22 narrow teeth that point sideways. Forty other teeth (sockets) were present in the preserved remainder of the snout; the total for the upper jaws was estimated at 76.

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Jurassic World (Coloring Book)

Plataleorhyncus only appearance in the franchise is a cameo in the Jurassic World adult coloring book published by Dark Horse.

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