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The Pluma Raptor is a genetically modified hybrid of Velociraptor, Stygimoloch or Dilophosaurus (dependent on the player) and "Tropical Bird" DNA.


Minecraft Jurassic World

Pluma Raptor is one of the various hybrids that can be created in the game. In order to create Pluma Raptor, a player must acquire 3 samples of Velociraptor DNA; 2 samples of Tropical Bird DNA; and 1 sample of either Stygimoloch or Dilophosaurus DNA. Like the Velociraptor and the Symmachosophus, The Pluma Raptor can be trained.


  • All Minecraft Jurassic World hybrids are unique in that they can be made from multiple sources of varying DNA; in Pluma Raptor's case it can be made with either Stygimoloch or Dilophosaurus DNA.
  • Its description in the Innovation Center tells us that the Pluma Raptor is an attempt by Dr. Henry Wu to refine the DNA of the Velociraptor.