Prestosuchus is an extinct genus of pseudosuchian in the family Prestosuchidae. Its close relatives include Saurosuchus and Postosuchus. Like other related prestosuchids, Prestosuchus had a deep skull and serrated teeth. Prestosuchus lived during the Late Triassic in what is now Brazil. It reached lengths of nearly 5 meters. While it resembled a dinosaur in having a large body and upright posture it was actually a rauisuchian archosaur more closely related to modern crocodilians. Prestosuchus walked on four legs like crocodilians, but unlike crocodilians it had an upright semi-erect stance with limb bones placed below the hips. In 2013, a study of the structure of its hind limb bones inferred that Prestosuchus chiniquensis had 13 leg muscle groups in common with both crocodilians and birds (which together make up the two living groups of archosaurs) but only two muscle groups in common with only crocodilians, indicating that the musculature of Prestosuchus better represents a basal condition for archosaurs than it does a derived condition for crocodile-line or pseudosuchian archosaurs. The leg musculature of Prestosuchus was also compared to that of Poposaurus, a Triassic pseudosuchian that walked on two legs. While the strongest leg muscles of Poposaurus are thought to drive the forward and backward motion of the leg necessary for bipedal movement, the strongest leg muscles of Prestosuchus were responsible for the rotation of the limb, which is an indication of quadrupedal movement.

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Jurassic World: The Game

see Prestosuchus/JW: TG

Prestosuchus is a legendary amphibian that can be created in Jurassic World: The Game, even though in real life it was a terristrial reptile. It can only be obtained by joining a VIP Membership. When Prestosuchus is in its pen, its tail rests on the ground. While other crocodiles did this, it is unlikely Prestosuchus did this. With the legs under its hips like a dinosaur and unlike a semi aquatic crocodile, Prestosuchus' tail had to be above the ground for balance.


  • The Prestosuchus in Jurassic World: The Game makes a variety of different sounds: including the growls of a lion, a tiger, and a leopard, and the grunts of a rhino, pig, and walrus.


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