Nima Cruz is being pursued by an unknown animal in the jungle of Isla Nublar. In her hand is the Barbasol can. Nima has a venomous bite on her arm. Behind her, a first-person view of the thing stalking her is seen.

As she keeps running, Nima looks at the Barbasol can in her hand. She then places it in her backpack and looks at her wound. The creature makes a sound, and the woman stops. She then looks back to her right. As she stares into the jungle, she sees small bright eyes. Shocked, the woman keeps running.
As she runs, she jumps over a tree log, then stumbles upon a rock and clumsily throws it behind her. The woman keeps running, then ducks as she sees a tree branch. She then starts to get disorientated; while this is happening, the unknown creature runs past in front of her. As she regains herself, the noise is heard once again and she sees the creature's eyes. She turns to her right, but another one of the creatures is seen. The woman tries her left, and, unfortunately, another creature is seen. As she walks backwards, she falls on her hand; she then crawls back. The woman finally finds herself at a cliff edge, when, suddenly, one of the creatures leaps at her and she falls back down the cliff.
As she falls, the woman searches for something to hold onto. She then holds onto a tree branch, which breaks and causes her to fall again. She then tries to grab on a rock, but her attempt failed. She grabs hold of another branch, but it breaks due to the weight. The woman then falls unconscious at the bottom of the cliff. Moments later, the woman regains consciousness, and she sees one of the creatures behind a bush; she then runs and trips onto a dirt road where a Jeep is headed for her. She then sees the Jeep coming at her and tries to move out of the way. As this is happening, the Jeep then starts to swerve. The woman then leaps and the screen fades to black, where the game logo appears.