Pterodaustro ("south wing") was a pterosaur from the Early Cretaceous of Argentina. It had 500 pairs of elastic, bristle-like teeth in the lower jaw, similar to baleen whales.

Pterodaustro has a very elongated skull, up to 23.5 centimeters (9.25 inches) long. The portion in front of the eye sockets comprises 85% of skull length. The long snout and lower jaws curve strongly upwards; the tangent at the point of the snout is perpendicular to that of the jaw joint.

Pterodaustro probably waded in shallow water like flamingos, straining food with its tooth comb, a method called "filter feeding". Once it caught its food, Pterodaustro probably mashed it with the small, globular teeth present in its upper jaw.

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