Rafael Santos is a drug lord who killed the previous mayor and chief police of Puerto Miranda, 5 policemen, 14 federal soldiers and an American drug agent, who is charged on 92 counts of racketeering. He plans to train Velociraptors up as guard dogs. He solely appears in the Jurassic Park comics and is featured in Jurassic Park: Raptors Attack.


Rafael lives in a compound in the Colombian jungle; his men rescue Drs. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, as well as the three remaining adolescent velociraptors captured by George Lawala, after the cargo plane they were on crashes into the jungle. Rafael keeps the raptors, in hope that Alan and Ellie, his captives, will help train them into hounds for him. After weeks of shock-collar training on the two healthy Raptors, Rafael lets them loose on a group of soldiers in the jungle; later, they hunt down the escaping Alan and Ellie, before Rafael lets the now healed third Raptor be integrated with her siblings. Her coordination is weak, however, due to her injuries, and she is less willing to obey commands. Rafael lets loose the other two Raptors in Puerto Miranda, where they cause chaos until seeing a sparking cable; they run, and Rafael follows. When he reaches his compound, they have broken their sister out; he has one of his men activate their collars, but they kill him in revenge.

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