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"Your bones ain't worth nothing to me"
—Rainn Delacourt in the extended edition(src)

Rainn Delacourt was a poacher and employee of Soyona Santos who appears as a supporting antagonist in Jurassic World: Dominion.



While not much is known of Delacourt, he is shown as a ruthless, vicious, violent, homicidal and greedy assassin and poacher. Being the right-hand-man and second-in-command of Soyona Santos who is also very dangerous, and a minion of Lewis Dodgson as well, Delacourt doesn't hesitate to kill enemies of the infamous company Biosyn, which is led by Lewis Dodgson.

He also captured Maisie Lockwood to bring her to Soyona Santos who can then hand the teenage girl over to Lewis Dodgson and his anti-heroic subordinate Henry Wu.

It should be noted however that Delacourt is somewhat of a scapegoat as well, because he has a very gruesome death at the hands or rather paws of a Carnotaurus and a Baryonyx, while Owen Grady did nothing to prevent the dinosaurs from eating Delacourt alive.

Delacourt was also willing to kill other humans and not only dinosaurs, as when he shot at Owen Grady in the forest, and later attempted to stab him.

Being a cruel and depraved poacher, Delacourt is very similar to Dieter Stark, Ken Wheatley, Tiff, and Mitch for example.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

After Owen and his pals took a Parasaurolophus with them, they met Rainn Delacourt, claiming to be a DFW official, and his group in front of them. Rainn asked Owen to take the dinosaur with them or they will kill them with his buddies for Department of Prehistoric Wildlife. Although the group was against each other, Owen decided to give Rainn the captured Parasaurolophus to them, then they set off, taking the dinosaur with them.[1] He was on Owen and Claire's trail for both Beta and Maisie, and later succeeds to capture them while Owen and Claire were distracted.

Bary tried to eat Rainn Delacourt

Delacourt confronted by Baryonyx

He is later caught by Owen, Claire and Barry Sembène during their visit in the Black Market in Valletta, Malta, where dinosaurs are being illegally sold. Delacourt and Wyatt Huntley, a CIA agent infiltrated in his gang, were in Malta to exchange money for Santos' cargo, a Atrociraptor pack, in order to ship them abroad to Riyadh. However, Delacourt is then caught by Owen and is chased by him and later has to escape the FBI. With his pistol, he shoots two cages, releasing a fully grown Carnotaurus and Allosaurus which distracts Owen from the chase, but Delacourt is pushed into the Market's fighting pit, where a juvenile Baryonyx attempts to attack him, although the Baryonyx is barely unable to reach Delacourt due to being chained to a nearby wall. However, a Lystrosaurus and a baby Carnotaurus already in the fighting pit bite Delacourt's hands and trap him in place. Owen, having escaped from the larger theropods and entered the fighting pit himself, forces Delacourt to tell him where Maisie and Beta are, but he only revealed that he handed them over to Santos. This angers Owen, who leaves Delacourt to his fate. As Owen stood by, the juvenile Baryonyx finally breaks free from the chain holding it to the wall and lunges at Delacourt, mauling and tearing his face, which kills him. It was later revealed that he gave away Beta and Maisie to Biosyn headquarters, where both were kept hostage.



The character was first revealed in the new LEGO Jurassic World line for Dominion.

Then later on in April to May, Mattel released a Battle Damage set which included Owen, Blue (Battle Damage) and Delacourt himself.


  • At one point early into production, the character was referred to as "Zane Maxin," a Caucasian male "dinosaur hunter" working for Biosyn.[2]
  • Rainn Delacourt is the only villain in the franchise who's confirmed to be a physical match for Owen Grady, which implies he could've been a Navy soldier had he wasn't a criminal.
  • In the junior novelization based on an early script of Dominion, when Owen and Delacourt fight at the black market, Delacourt stabs Owen in the leg. When they're tussling in the fight ring, the Lystrosaurus bites Delacourt's leg, not his arm.