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Rajasaurus (meaning "king" or "king of lizards") is a carnivorous abelisaurian theropod dinosaur with an unusual head crest. Between 1982 and 1984, its fossilized bones were discovered by Suresh Srivastava of the Geological Survey of India (GSI). Excavated from the Narmada River valley in Rahioli in the Kheda district of Gujarat, India, the find was announced as a new genus of dinosaur by American and Indian scientists on August 13, 2003.

Paleontologists Paul Sereno of the University of Chicago, Jeff Wilson of the University of Michigan, and Srivastava worked together as an Indo–American group to study the Narmada River fossils. The fossils represented the partial skeleton of the new species Rajasaurus narmadensis, which means "princely lizard from the Narmada Valley." The fossilized bones of Rajasaurus have also been found in the upriver region of the Narmada, at Jabalpur, in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

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Video games

Jurassic Park: Builder

see Rajasaurus/Builder

Rajasaurus can be created in Jurassic Park: Builder. Its DNA sample is rare and can only be acquired by playing Tournament Mode.

Jurassic World: The Game

see Rajasaurus/JW: TG

Rajasaurus is a super rare dinosaur found in Jurassic World: The Game. Unlike the real Rajasaurus, the game depicts it with two fingers instead of four fingers.

Jurassic World: Alive

see Rajasaurus/JW: A

Rajasaurus will be in Jurassic World: Alive.


Jurassic World: Dominion

The Rajasaurus appears in a toy line based on Jurassic World: Dominion, as part of the "Roar Strikers" assortment. This will be the first time it has ever physically appeared in any Jurassic Park toy set. A second and repainted version is set to be released in September.


  • Rajasaurus was going to have a scene at the Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India in Jurassic World Dominion along with Pteranodons, however, the scene was entirely cut as it served no relevance to the plot.
    • This is one of the reasons it was added to the 'Roar Strikers' Jurassic World Dominion toy line.
      • The other being its significant appearances and popularity in the games like Builder, Jurassic World Alive & Jurassic World: The Game.
  • Raja means, 'King' or 'Head' in Sanskrit & Hindi.
  • Although, there were Rajasaurus majorly on Isla Sorna and some on Isla Nublar during the Jurassic World (park) incident, it is unknown why they did not make an appearance in any of the films.
  • There is a scene that was cut from The Lost World: Jurassic Park (film) in which Rajasaurus is briefly mentioned by Ajay Sidhu while talking to Roland Tembo, which was then replaced by the restaurant scene, which was also eventually cut from the film.