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Lex and Tim with infant Triceratops.

Ralph was the name Lex Murphy gave an infant Triceratops in the Jurassic Park novel. Ralph was first spotted by Lex when "he" was eating grass outside of Lex, Tim and Dr. Grant's makeshift hideout. Ralph later left Lex and went with "his" mother to go look for food. Ralph was later killed during the napalm bombing.

The filmmakers planned to have a scene where Lex rode a baby Triceratops (possibly Ralph) and even made an animatronic infant Triceratops for the scene, but it was cut out of the script late in production; the animatronic itself was later used for The Lost World: Jurassic Park


Concept art of Lex riding Ralph for the film

  • Lex named him "Ralph" after a classmate of hers.


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