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"I'm not you"
— Ramsay to Lewis Dodgson(src)

Ramsay Cole is the head of communications of BioSyn who appears in Jurassic World: Dominion. Secretly, he is a whistleblower who warns Ian Malcolm of BioSyn's illegal activities.


Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Ramsay welcomes both Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler when they arrive at Biosyn sanctuary. He assures them that Biosyn's scientists limit their contact with the sanctuary's dinosaurs - able to herd them anywhere they wish via signals remotely triggered from implants embedded into the animals' brains. Alan notes that to be rather cruel, but Ramsay responds that those implanted chips are relatively humane compared to the high voltage fences that the first Jurassic Park had.

Cole guides Grant and Sattler through Biosyn's facility. Near the end of their tour at a lab, he explains that Biosyn engineers "pure dinosaurs", not creating hybrids. He tells them they have some minutes left before they take the hyperloop transport to Biosyn's airfield, so they are left to explore it on their own, a cue for them to sneak into the restricted lab where locusts are bred. They were successful in getting the sample, but were nearly killed when the insects swarm around them. However, Sattler and Grant managed to get away from them, then meet a teenage girl named Maisie Lockwood, who had been kidnapped by Biosyn but escaped, as they leave the building together. Through the help of Ramsay, they escape through a hyperloop and revealed that he was aware of Biosyn's activities.

After Lewis Dodgson discovered that Grant and Sattler got a DNA sample, he orders the hyperloop to stop, making them to stop at the Amber Mines. Afterwards, Malcolm and Cole are summoned by Dodgson at the Biosyn control room. Malcolm is told he is fired, and Cole is shocked by the news. A worker announces that a hyperloop pod was shut down at the amber mines, and Cole orders to send a security team for them. Dodgson says he's going to send a team, but he didn't.

Later, Cole and Malcolm head to garage, where Malcolm is given a map and a jeep to rescue Sattler, Grant, and Lockwood. When Malcolm arrives at an access gate to the mines, he finds the group trying to get out. However, Malcolm needs an access code, which he doesn't have. He tries many codes, but didn't succeed. Back at the control room, Cole looks to a security camera and sees the predicament and proceeds to type in a code that unlocked the gate right when Ian pressed the code he thought it was right.

After Dodgson set fire to the locusts, which caused a wildfire in the sanctuary, Cole goes to his office. Dodgson tries to pass his legacy to Cole, but Cole abandons him. Afterwards, Cole reunites with the group at the control room, where they try to get power back on. When the power is back, the ADS is on, which will allow them to leave the valley in a helicopter.

After leaving the valley, the group are given medical assistence by EMTs at the airfield, where Cole gives an interview to reporters on the Biosyn's corruption alongside Malcolm. Cole later testifies before the U.S. Senate about Biosyn's liability for the locust epidemic. After the incident, the valley was repurposed as a global sanctuary by the United Nations.


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