This place was shaping up to be a giant zoo - with the humans the ones who had to live in the cages.

- Jurassic Park Adventures: Prey

The Jurassic Park Ranger's Station is a UN sanctioned outpost on Isla Sorna devoted to protect the dinosaurs from threats stemming not only from without, such as illegal human interference, but also from within. It was built in 2001 as a result of Dr. Alan Grant's proposal to the UN General Assembly.


Study and preserve the dinosaur population.

  • Protect the dinosaurs from threats stemming not only from without, such as illegal human interference.
  • Protect the dinosaurs from internal threats, for example, dinosaur starvation; the inability of dinosaurs to nurture their young due to the physical limitations of their environment; and individual species hunted to extinction by other dinosaurs, due to the out-of-balance predator-to-prey ratio.

The team must protect the life cycles of the dinosaurs. Imbalances among the dinosaur population could be corrected in many ways:

  • The ranger's team could supply alternate food sources for superpredators and giant plant-eaters.
  • Help protect more vulnerable herbivores.

The ranger's team would be highly trained. They would observe the island 24 hours a day using satellite digital and thermal imaging. And the team would be equipped to react to any threat-be it human or saurian. Human interference would be dealt with swiftly and efficiently by trained professionals.



There are three large dome-shaped buildings, connected with tunnels. It is entirely engulfed by perimeter fences. These buildings contain:

  • The first field office of the UN's Bureau of Ancient Animal Affairs.
  • Laboratories
  • Observatory
  • Communications room
  • Several other buildings
  • Docks (connected by road)
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