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Red was to be one of the Velociraptors that were being trained by Owen Grady in the earlier scripts of Jurassic World. Appearing in several pieces of concept art and early merchandise designs, Red was cut from the final script.

Physical Appearance

Based off the surviving concept art pieces, Red would have borrowed heavily from the design for the male raptors from Jurassic Park III.[1] Because of this and confirmation Masrani's park did breed some animals, it can be assumed Red was a male if he ever appeared in the final film. Unlike the final designs for the Squad, which borrowed more from the first and second movie, Red sported a very prominent nasal crest and feathery quills on the back of his head. The main difference from his look as opposed to those from the third film is his namesake body coloration, which is tinted red as opposed to blue-grey.



It is unknown, due to only appearing in some early drafts of the film and not the final product, if Red was intended to be engineered for the IBRIS project and was thus engineered by Masrani Global or if he was, owing to his strong resemblance to the previous film's wild raptors, a natural born individual from Isla Sorna's stock.

Behind the scenes

Red appeared in at least three of the early drafts of Jurassic World from the late 2000s and early 2010s. While the main storyline of the installment remained reasonably similar to the final product, several ideas and characters were changed over the course of pre-production. It is unknown if Red was supposed to be the fifth Raptor Squad member, or if he was replaced by one of the canon four at some point because the various versions of early scripts either don't mention the number of raptors or fluctuated between three and six.