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Reunited is the first episode of the fifth season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on July 21, 2022.


Kenji's thrilled to see his father - and eager to prove himself. Elsewhere, Sammy and Brooklynn team up to find out what happened to Sammy's family.

Plot Summary[]

The episode begins as the children are surrounded by the B.R.A.D.S., and Kenji recognizes his father. Daniel Kon rushes to embrace Kenji, relieved that he is still alive. The others introduce themselves to Mr. Kon, as he orders the B.R.A.D.S to stand down. Daniel Kon explains the situation regarding his role in Mantah Corp to the others, while the campers explain that Kash was behind their fight for survival on the Island.

Daniel turns on Kash, preparing to admonish him, however Kash decides to betray him, using a stolen tablet to take control of the robots. The B.R.A.D.S prepare to attack, however Daniel utilizes a fail safe to override the command. Kash makes a run for it, but is swiftly stunned by one of the robots. Daniel promises to take Mae to the med bay, and place Kash in confinement. Daniel invites the group to get cleaned up in the facility, and promises to take them home as well.

The group revels in their chance to rest, enjoying individual rooms. Still Brooklynn dont trust Daniel completely since he is the boss of Mantah Bio which Sammy agrees on. The group relaxes in the common area, as they are approached by Daniel, who explains that the situation is complicated, but asks for a few days to allow for him to arrange discreet transportation back to their point of origin. Daniel leaves the room with Kenji, leaving the rest of the group by themselves as they resolve to visit Mae in the hospital bay.

Meanwhile, Sammy and Brooklynn sneak into Kash’s containment area, turning off the cameras so that Sammy can confront him directly. Kash attempts to manipulate the pair of them in order to get them to free him. Sammy and Brooklynn sneak into Daniel’s office to look at their files, finding out that her family’s ranch is now owned by Mr. Kon. They are interrupted by Daniel Kon, who gives them a version of events painting him as salvaging her family’s debts. A suspicious Brooklynn tells him that they do not trust easily after what they have been through. However, Mr. Kon informs them that telling Kenji would weaken trust between them. In the meanwhile, Darius sneaks into a private area of the med bay to encourage Big Eatie to eat, but is unsuccessful.

Outside of the facility, Kenji gets a chance to speak with his father, only to find that Daniel is preoccupied with restoring Mantah Island to working order. Daniel informs him that they must be prepared for the investor presentation. Daniel attempts to convince Kenji of the necessity of continuing the dinosaur fights to show to the investors, highlighting the risk of their family losing everything. Just then, a pair of Velociraptors attack Kenji, with him being narrowly saved by a B.R.A.D, as Daniel convinces him that the animals are inherently vicious.

Kenji returns to the main lounge area, reuniting with the others, as Kenji informs them that Daniel is going ahead with the fights. The children decide that showing Mr. Kon a different side of the animals will change his mind. Outside of the facility, the group makes their pitch to Daniel Kon, as Kenji and Darius approach Little Eatie, using the tablet to bring Big Eatie to the ground level. As the Tyrannosaurs awaken, Darius attempts to communicate with the animals. However Daniel panics and allows the robot to fire a stun bolt at the Tyrannosaurus, causing her to roar in agitation.

Yaz and Ben act as bait to lure Little Eatie closer, even as Kenji manages to free the bolt on Big Eatie’s leg. The two Rexes approach each other, embracing in familial acceptance as they walk off. Daniel appears to be convinced by this display, promising to not force the animals to fight. The children toast to their success as Kenji proclaims he will help his father with a presentation. That night as everyone else is asleep, Yaz and Sammy bump into each other in the corridors, sharing an awkward moment, as they join the other campers in sleeping inside the main lounge.

Outside the facility, Daniel and Mae discuss her research, with him promising Kash would be punished if he tried to kill her again. However, he then coerces her to work with Kash on applying her research for Mantah Corp. When Mae attempts to refuse, Daniel reveals his true nature and threatens the lives of the children, to force her to comply revealing his friendly personality earlier was a fake in order to earn the trust of Mae and the campers.

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  • Daniel tells Kenji in the begining of the episode that he took over Mantha Corp after the fall of Jurassic World which is later revealed in the season to have been a lie as Daniel was the one who ordered Kash D. Langford to blackmail Sammy's family. This proof that Daniel has lied to Kenji the whole time since their reunion in order to get his trust.