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"He has a world-wide reputation for being a pain in the ass."
Sarah Harding(src)

Dr. Richard Levine is a paleontologist or paleobiologist. Like John Hammond, he is only interested in details, and does not much think of the consequences of his actions, and so like Hammond he is the exact opposite of Ian Malcolm. Despite being a main character in the book The Lost World, Levine is not featured in the movie version. Instead, in the film, some of his actions were transferred to Sarah Harding and John Hammond.

Appearance and Personality

During the events of The Lost World he is in his early thirties.[1] He is tall and dark. He often wears khaki clothing. He wears wire-frame spectacles.[2]

He is precise in his movements and manner. He is generally agreed to be the best paleontologist of his generation. Most people find him pompous and arrogant. He never performs field work, he prefers to examine museum samples.


Early life

Richard Levine was probably born in the early 1960s, since he is in his early thirties in 1994. Levine is the Estate of a famous toy series, the Becky Dolls. Though precise details remain unknown "Becky Dolls" could very well likely be a pseudonym for the "Pleasant Company" makers of requisite and quality dolls in the 1990s. The company is now called "American Girl" and remains successful throughout the decades...insinuating that therefore he is quite rich and does whatever he likes.

Education and work

Levine studied biology at Yale University together with Martin Guitierrez. Levine quit the doctoral program to get his degree in comparative zoology. His interest became focused on prehistoric life. He became a famous paleontologist at Berkeley.

Search for the Lost World

1 August 1994 Levine visits Malcolm's talk "Life at the Edge of Chaos" at the Santa Fe Institute. He persuades Malcolm to help him to search for dinosaurs in Costa Rica.

A judge ordered Levine to do public service time after a massive speeding violation, and he complied by teaching a seventh grade class, which is how he met Arby Benton and Kelly Curtis, both of whom he would eventually develop an almost paternal relationship towards. Levine coincidentally learns that he is not the only one looking for the 'lost world', and he rushes to Isla Sorna without informing Malcolm or Jack Thorne.

Isla Sorna

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  • Levine drives a bright-red Ferrari.[3]
  • Levine may be able to read German, because when Jack Thorne, Arby Benton and Kelly Curtis went into his house, they saw some books with German title on the desk.[4]
  • His character was cut from the film version of the novel and was incorporated into Sarah Harding's character.


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