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"Clever girl..."
—Muldoon's final words(src)

Robert Muldoon was Jurassic Park's game warden. He was also the warden at John Hammond's park in Kenya. He was shown to be proficient with weaponry and was a skilled hunter. He was portrayed in the film as a cautious man and a bit of an alarmist. It can be assumed that he had worked with Hammond for a considerable amount of time and had gained Hammond's confidence as Hammond trusted him enough to let him bring back his grandchildren.


Jurassic Park

Muldoon with his preferred SPAS-12

Muldoon explains the vicious behavior of the raptors

The film's script described him as being "grim-faced, fortyish and British; someone whose voice commanded attention". Muldoon expressed great concern over the Raptors, significantly as a result of one of his workers, Jophery, being killed by a Velociraptor when they were transferring it into the Raptor Pen. He was concerned for the safety of the guests as well and was worried that a tropical storm a few miles away would hit Isla Nublar. John Hammond described him as being a bit of an alarmist but knowing more about raptors than anyone.[1]

Prior to the tour Muldoon went out in a Jeep to the Triceratops paddock when a triceratops got poisoned from eating West Indian Lilac. Muldoon and Dr. Harding tranquilized the triceratops so it would not hurt itself.[1] Later after Rexy escaped the triceratops was found dead with bite marks on its body.[2]

When the power went out around the island, Hammond requested that Muldoon go out and find his grandchildren for him. Muldoon took up the task, accompanied by Ellie Sattler, who was concerned about Alan Grant's safety. When he and Ellie arrived at the T. rex paddock, they were astonished to find that the tyrannosaur had broken out of its pen, severely damaged one of the tour cars, and disappeared into the forest. After finding the grisly remains of Donald Gennaro, they looked through the debris further and found an injured Ian Malcolm. Muldoon put Malcolm in the Jeep, while Ellie searched frantically for the first Park drive Land cruiser. Muldoon impatiently called to Ellie to hurry up, as the Tyrannosaurus could "wander in and out of any paddock it liked" with the electrified fences offline. At that moment, Ellie found the other Land cruiser, battered and tossed off the road and into the tyrannosaur paddock. They hurried down towards it, but Grant, Lex and Tim were already gone. The only clue to their whereabouts was their footprints, which led out into the park. It was around this time that Malcolm started to hear the familiar footsteps of the Tyrannosaurus rex. He yelled for Ellie and Muldoon, who were just coming up from below the security moat, the Tyrannosaurus bursting through the trees after them. After a lengthy chase from the T. rex, the trio made it back to the Visitor Center, where Muldoon and Sattler tended to Malcolm's wounded leg, giving him a dose of morphine.[1]

Sometime Sunday morning, Muldoon, Hammond, Arnold, Malcolm, and Sattler gathered in the Control Room. The situation looked bleak; Arnold still had not gotten past Nedry's bug, and Malcolm was in need of medical attention. Hammond suggested a calculated risk: turn off the main switch, turning off all the systems in the park, thereby erasing everything that Nedry did. Arnold was against the idea, feeling that there was no assurance that the system would restart. Muldoon suggested that they put the Lysine Contingency into effect, which would kill all of the dinosaurs in the park within 24 hours. His suggestion was denied harshly by Hammond and the choice was made to switch off the power. After seeing that the systems did, in fact, turn back on to their start-up screen, Arnold went off to the electricity shed to turn the electricity back on manually. Muldoon led the others to the visitor center security bunker, where they would wait for Arnold's return.[1]

After some minutes, Arnold still had not returned from the shed, prompting Ellie to plan to go and turn the electricity on herself. Muldoon volunteered to go with her, saying "You can't just stroll down the road, you know." Taking his favored SPAS-12 shotgun with him, he and Ellie made their way out of the bunker and towards the shed. As they passed the Raptor Pen, Muldoon's worst fears were realized; the power had switched off all the fences, including those of the Raptor pen. The wires on the raptors' pen had been chewed through, and the three Velociraptors had escaped into the jungle. As Muldoon and Ellie slowly made their way through the trees, Ellie suggested that they could make it to the shed if they ran. Muldoon, however, knew that they could not, and he told Ellie exactly why: they were being hunted from the bushes up ahead. Muldoon told Ellie to run to the shed, while he stayed behind to fend off the raptors. By doing this, he probably saved her life.[1]

Muldoon's final moments

After following a raptor deeper into the jungle, he quietly removed his hat and locked his shotgun's sight onto the Velociraptor. Muldoon was determined to kill the Velociraptors, something he thought he should have done a long time ago. As he was aiming at the Velociraptor, however, another raptor appeared in the bushes to his left. Muldoon, shocked and horrified yet impressed by this element of surprise, uttered the words "Clever girl...", and attempted to turn his shotgun towards the attacker, only for it to dive out from the bushes and tackled him to the ground, viciously mauling him to death.[1]



  • Muldoon hated the Velociraptors more than any of the other carnivorous dinosaurs. He even showed more concern regarding the stability of the raptor fences than those of the T. rex paddock.
  • The weapons that Muldoon carried in the film include an M1911 pistol and a SPAS-12 shotgun. An M16 rifle was also seen in his arsenal. In the book he carried a Rocket Launcher. In some versions of the script and in the comics, he also carried a machete.
  • Bob Peck stated that he received teeth marks while portraying Robert Muldoon, during his hand-to-hand with a Velociraptor.

Behind-the-scenes footage of Muldoon's death

  • In all versions of the script, except the final version used for the film, Robert Muldoon survived the Isla Nublar Incident.
  • Muldoon, along with Dr. Gerald Harding and the surviving workmen, are the only characters not mentioned by name in the novel's sequel, The Lost World. This is fascinating, considering Ed James is finding dirt on everyone that was on Nublar during the events of the first novel. However, it is possible that their names were not mentioned in the report about the "InGen Incident", and James had no way of knowing they had been involved with the Jurassic Park Project.
  • Muldoon may have two offices in the Visitor Center in the novel; when Tim is looking through the offices he sees one stenciled Park Warden, which everyone knows is Muldoon, but when Muldoon goes to get the lethal LAW Rocket Launcher, he goes into a different office stenciled Animal Supervisor. It can be presumed he held both titles in the novel, and only stored the six lethal rocket shells in the office concerning the park's animals.
  • His ever-famous line "Clever Girl" is referenced in many video games, such as the Dead Space series, in which the player earns an achievement of the same name for defeating a type of in-game creature based on the Velociraptors seen in the films. In the game Borderlands 2, players can unlock a skin for their character called "Clever Boy" which allows the character to make their appearance very similar to that of Muldoon except with scars on their face, this is a reference to his death in the film.


  • "They show extraordinary intelligence, even problem-solving intelligence. Especially the big one. We bred eight originally, but when she came in she took over the pride and killed all but two of the others. That one... when she looks at you, you can see she's working things out."[1]
  • "I've told you how many times? We needed locking mechanisms on the vehicle doors."[1]
  • "The shutdown must've turned off all the fences. Dammit, even Nedry knew better than to mess with the raptor fences."[1]
  • "Clever girl..."[1]
  • "Stuffed in a bloody pipe, and I'm very popular at the moment."[3]



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