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Custom Tranquilizer Rocket Launcher

In the first book, Robert Muldoon used a Customly-Modified Rocket Launcher when he tranquilized the Tyrannosaurus rex. Three had been made at the request of Muldoon, but only one was allowed on the island, stored in a metal vault in the Visitor Center Garage. Muldoon had the foresight to put the launcher into one of two gas-powered jeeps early Friday afternoon, prior to the InGen Incident. Dennis Nedry, following his theft of dinosaur embryos, takes the jeep along with the launcher, preventing Muldoon from neutralizing the Rexy until Saturday morning when it is found. Apparently, it's shoulder mounted, with a battery-operated laser sight. It's Tranq-shells appear like gray canisters with Large, finger-thick needles.

LAW Rocket Launcher

Later in the first novel, it is revealed that Robert Muldoon has a second rocket launcher on the island when he defends the Visitor Area from Velociraptors. Presumably unknown to management, either John Arnold or John Hammond allowed Muldoon to stash his LAW Rocket launcher in a gun locker in his office, along with six shells, capable of blowing an animal apart. Unfortunately, there were eight Velociraptors in the holding pen, and not all could be killed, even with perfect shots. When the raptors escape, Muldoon kills one raptor with a single shot, blowing its torso off. The second shot he gets off while wedged in a pipe behind the visitor center, blowing the leg off another, although it survives and possibly dies by the wounds it sustained by the rocket launcher.


  • The rocket launcher was not seen in the first film.
  • In some newer versions of the novel, it is called a LAR Rocket Launcher, not a LAW Rocket Launcher. The LAR is probably referring to a LAR Big Boar, the gun that inspired Roland Tembo's Tranquilizer in the second movie.