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Rude Awakening is the fourth episode of the fourth season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on December 3, 2021.


With Dr. Turner's help, the campers hatch a plan to get off the island that finds them crossing a snowy arctic biome - and making a selfless rescue.

Plot Summary

Yaz has a nightmare being attacked by the Indominus rex, Toro, the Scorpios rex, and a Ceratosaurus. Mae discovers that Mantah Corp is tampering with the food to make the dinosaours more aggressive. Everyone comes up with a plan to call the supply plane and get rid of the altered food, in order to get off the island and stop Mantah Corp. The group is chased by the mother T. rex and some BRADs during the process, with Yaz briefly freezing out of fear when the former attacks. After escaping, they enter a biome with freezing temperatures, where they encounter a wounded Kentrosaurus named Pierce. Despite wanting to catch the plane, the group agrees to help get Pierce out of this area, upon Darius's request. While they are attacked by a BRAD, a frightened Yaz successfully hits it into the water. After saving Pierce, the 6 campers run to the plane, but unfortunately arrive too late. Darius and Ben head back to Mae's, while Yaz breaks down to the others about her nightmares and desire to go home, with Yaz being comforted by Sammy, Brooklynn and Kenji. Meanwhile, the man arrives on the island and becomes angry, when leaning from one of his BRADs about another Brad going offline in the arctic.

Characters and Cast




  • This episode marks the return of the Indominus rex, Toro, the red Ceratosaurus, and the Scorpios rex.
    • However, three of the four dinosaurs only appear during Yasmina's trauma-induced nightmare. By this point, both the Indominus and Scorpios rex are dead, and Toro's fate is still uncertain.
    • The red Ceratosaurus would physically reappear in a much later episode.
    • This is also the first time two hybrids are shown in the same scene althrough it was a nightmare.