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Dinosaurs & Weather is a Safari mission in the video game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It's the second Safari mission in the game.


The island is medium-sized but large enough to contain herds of several different species of herbivores and carnivores such as Stegosaurus and Velociraptor. The mission description staits:

InGen scientists want to conduct further research into the effects of weather on dinosaur behaviors, and they need your help.


This is a Safari mission, which means the player must drive the Land Cruiser (with 3 of them at disposal) around the island and has to take pictures (10 shots) of dinosaur behaviour in different climate changes. You can use the quick look (Spacebar) to find dinosaurs more easily.


  • Take a photo of a Gallimimus during the heatwave.

    Mission description.

    Photographing Stegosaurus.

  • Take a photo of a Dryosaurus during the heatwave.
  • Take a photo of a Ceratosaurus during the heatwave.
  • Take a photo of a Corythosaurus during the rainstorm.
  • Take a photo of a Homalocephale during the rainstorm.

Dinosaurs featured



Jurassic Park Operation Genesis - Dinosaurs And Weather

Mission playthrough.