The Land Cruiser

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The Safari is an attraction in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. Based on the film, a jeep takes visitors around an enclosure but it must be kept out of large carnivore enclosures as the jeeps are easily destroyed. If a Land Cruiser is destroyed it costs $2,000 to replace it so it a good idea to put avoider beacons along the set path and dinosaurs will leave it alone. If they want, players can take control of the Land Cruiser and go on a photo safari, snapping photos of dinosaurs performing their daily activities in their natural habitats. If your photos are good enough, magazine companies will donate money to your park for them.


  • In the trailer it shows that it was originally supposed to be a tour, but in the final product you need multiple safaris to have one in every exhibit. You can also make one big exhibit covering the centre of the island where all your dinosaurs can run wild within it, and then build a safari through it. Another option would be to separate the dinosaur exhibits with hills instead of fences, and then change the maximum altitude for the Land Cruiser in the Constant file to enable it to drive over hills, and therefore allowing it to pass through multiple dinosaur enclosures.
  • There is a cheat that it can have a rifle in genesis mode
  • A mod can make two cars come out per trip like in the movie.
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