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The Jurassic Park Safari Lodge was one of two planned hotels for the park. Unlike the aviary's hotel, this one was nearly finished and operational. It is where the inspection team stayed. When Ian Malcolm was injured, Dr. Harding took care of him in Malcolm's room in the lodge. Dr. Henry Wu is killed by Velociraptors at the Safari Lodge when he steps outside and is sliced down the back by the raptor.


The entire hotel was surrounded by a fence with inch-thick bars and a 12-foot height. The rooms in the lodge had pyramidal skylights, which were reinforced with metal bars for added stability and protection. The doors were steel-clad and very strong. A swimming pool and tennis courts were found within the lodge's perimeter fence.


  • In the brochure from the film, there is a stock photo that shows what looks like a safari

    Possible Safari Lodge room in JP Brochure

    themed hotel room with a ceiling fan, queen sized bed, and rocking chair overlooking the beach, with a similar roof to the film's adaptation of the Visitor Center's roof.
  • The Lodge is very briefly mentioned in the film, both in the brochure, and in a UNIX Systems file, where the file is called "Hotel"

    UNIX System file called "Hotel"

  • Surprisingly, the Lodge did not make an appearance in the film, as it plays an important role in the novel, with equal worth to the Visitor Center.
  • Oddly, Telltale did not feature the Safari Lodge in their game.
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