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Sammy Gutierrez[1] is one of the four tritagonists (alongside Brooklynn, Yasmina Fadoula and Ben Pincus) of the Netflix series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous and one of the three tritagonists (alongside Kenji Kon and Yasmina) of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory. She was 14 years old during the events of Camp Cretaceous and is 21 years old during the events of Chaos Theory. She is Yasmina's best friend-turned-girlfriend. She is voiced by Raini Rodriguez.


Early Life[]

Sammy was born sometime in 2001, the daughter of Mr. Gutierrez and an unknown mother, the sister of unknown siblings, and the granddaughter of unknown grandparents.

Sammy's family owns a ranch in Texas that supplies meat for the carnivores in Jurassic World. At an undisclosed time in the past, the ranch ran into trouble and his parents borrowed money from running Mantah Corp. The family was blackmailed by Kash D. Langford into sending her daughter Sammy as a spy in Jurassic World, to steal genetic samples from the dinosaurs for illicit use by the company, or everything they had worked for over the years would be taken away from them. Her parents rejected her request, but Sammy, fearful that her family would lose the ranch, chose to secretly accept her request and offered to act as a spy for the company after signing up for Camp Cretaceous.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]

"Camp Cretaceous" & "Secrets"[]

Sammy arrived at Isla Nublar at the Ferry Landing along with the other campers, and were greeted by Dave and Roxie. After the introductions, the campers are taken to Camp Cretaceous. Sammy meets Brooklynn and greets her, telling her that she is one of her Brooklanders and states that she attended Camp Cretaceous because her family provides the meat that is to feed the carnivores. Arriving at camp, Sammy sees that the place is almost as big as her family's ranch, that afternoon, all the campers, including Sammy, ride the zipline over the herd of dinosaurs.

On the first day of camp, she visits the Genetics Lab with the others, where they are given a tour of the facilities. Sent by Mantah Corp as a spy, Sammy takes advantage of this and sneaks into Dr. Wu's office and steals important information from his computer and files on a flash drive. Trying to sneak out, she runs into Brooklynn and rejoins the group just after Bumpy's birth. Shortly after they are taken out by Wu, as he is furious that Brooklynn broke into his office. During the night, Sammy hands the USB drive to a Mantah Corp drone that lands in a forest clearing, and takes off directly to Mantah Corp Island.

"The Cattle Drive"[]

That same night, Sammy listens with the group as Darius tells them campfire stories, before the rain forces them inside. Sammy tries to connect with Yasmina, but Yaz chooses to walk away rather than interact with her. The next morning, the campers are taken to Gyrosphere Valley to help park staff herd the herd to their grazing pens. Sammy is paired with Yaz in her Gyrosphere, much to her dismay. Initially, Yaz continues to resist Sammy's attempts to get closer, even when they are traveling together. Meanwhile, the counselors stopped the activity because another storm was approaching and went out to warn the other employees. Initially planning to stay where they were, Sammy and Yaz end up trying to help the others bring a Sinoceratops back to the herd. However, the group accidentally causes the herd to stampede, and Sammy and Yasmina are separated from the others. Thinking quickly, the girls manage to create a ramp out of branches by which they can quickly get out of the area they were trapped in, quickly reuniting with Kenji and Ben. Discovering that Darius and Brooklynn are trapped in a sinkhole, the group tries to get them out, but they only succeed with the help of the Sinoceratops. After, before the councilors found them, Sammy took the opportunity to take a skin sample from the Sinoceratops while no one was looking.

That night, as the group prepares for bed, Yaz apologizes to Sammy for her earlier behavior and reveals her secret hobby of drawing dinosaur sketches in a notebook, becoming friends with Sammy by hugging her. Later, Sammy is scared when she realizes that Brooklynn has captured footage of her taking the dinosaur samples and steals her phone in an attempt to hide the evidence.

"Things Fall Apart" (Jurassic World Incident)[]

The next day, as the campers wait for their counselors, Brooklynn confronts the group and accuses Sammy of stealing her phone, but Yaz steps in to defend her. When they hear the sound of an approaching dinosaur, the children decide to head to the observation tower to see. The campers successfully enter the tower, apparently relieved to see that the noise was just a Brachiosaurus.

At that moment, two employees emerge from the jungle and alert the children to come down but he does not understand them well. But then, the children watch in horror as the Indominus rex ambushes and kills the two men, with Sammy speaking its name. When the hybrid attacks the tower, the group tries to use the zipline to escape, but the emergency brake is triggered, leaving them stranded in the center. The tower starts to wobble and Sammy almost falls over but is saved by Yasmina and then picked up by Darius and Kenji as well. The Indominus manages to bring down the tower, along with the line, causing the campers, including Sammy, to fall to the ground. The campers wake up after being briefly disoriented and Sammy attempts to return Brooklynn's phone, but hides it again after realizing it broke in the fall.

The campers flee back to the camp only to find that the Indominus has destroyed it. As Sammy tries to reassure them that the other workers got away, Sammy finds an overturned staff vehicle and realizes that not everyone survived. Brooklynn confronts and publicly accuses Sammy again in front of the group, demanding her phone back and revealing her previous forays into park security. Sammy denies this, gaining some of Yaz's support, as the group descend to argue among themselves, before finally deciding to travel to the main park for help.

"Happy Birthday, Eddie!"[]

As the group progresses, they begin to argue, particularly Brooklynn, who continues to accuse Sammy of stealing her phone, and Yaz continues to defend her. They go through the Carnotaurus Paddock and try to get to the Visitor Center. On the way to the main park, Sammy wrestles with guilt over whether to tell the group especially Yaz about the stolen phone. However, before he can tell them, the group comes across the carcass of the Ankylosaurus and the shattered gyrosphere for the Indominus. When the group hears a whisper in the jungle, they initially take cover, before it is revealed to be Bumpy.

The group continues walking, with the new objective of going to the Genetics Laboratory to seek refuge. The group would then find a van and decide to use it to get to the lab, but soon after they are attacked by Indominus. They manage to evade it using the van, eventually finding and seeking refuge in the lab. They run into Eddie, who was left behind, but very soon tries to steal his truck to escape. The van is promptly destroyed by the Indominus, and the group is forced to briefly hide among the shipping containers as the creature stalks them. After a few tense moments of evading the creature, the group returns to the van where they escape.

As they drive away, they begin to celebrate in relief, but at that moment, the truck hits some rough terrain and the phone falls out of Sammy's pocket in full view of the group. Everyone is so stunned by this revelation that it even distracts Yaz, to the point where she crashes the car.

"Welcome to Jurassic World"[]

The group exits the crashed van, as the campers recover from their injuries. Yasmina storms off, while Sammy runs after her, begging her to wait. However, the group turns on Sammy for her lies. Feeling the pressure, Sammy admits that she is a spy for Mantah Corp and tells them the underlying reasons for her theft. Sammy tries to apologize, but everyone, particularly Yaz, refuses to accept her apology. Sammy runs off crying, as the campers regroup and try to determine a new course of action. They are interrupted by the Indominus which is pursued by the helicopter piloted by Masrani. The helicopter chases the Indominus back to the aviary, as it breaks in and releases the Pteranodons. The campers watch helplessly as the Pteranodons destroy the helicopter, killing Masrani, just before the Pteranodons give chase.

The group flees from the Pteranodons and barely makes it to safety in the Kayak River. They use the Kayaks to navigate the river. The campers are met with a bioluminescent lighted cave and a large waterfall. Brooklynn tries to shift the blame for her situation onto Sammy, however Kenji claims that her situation could have been the same regardless. Sammy admits to Darius that her parents did not send her to spy, but that she had chosen to do it on her own to prevent them from losing everything. The group then encounters the Parasaurolophus, and are then agitated by Bumpy's screams, beginning to attack the Kayaks, before they abruptly flee. The group is then sucked into a side tunnel due to a strong current, which ejects them into the Mosasaurus Lagoon. The Mosasaurus begins to circle them, and the campers head for the safety of the spectator stands.

Just as the Mosasaurus is about to pounce on Sammy and Darius, Yaz manages to divert their attention by hitting the platform with an oar. Sammy and Darius make it to safety and Kenji helps Yaz out of the lagoon, only for Yaz to later sprain her ankle. After that, they take some time to rest while the sun goes down. Sammy thanks Yaz for saving her, but is again rebuffed, though Brooklynn works things out with her. Hearing the sirens' warning of the evacuation of the park, the campers decide to head to the South Docks.

"Last Day of Camp" & "End of the Line"[]

The group decides to head to the monorail to get to the docks in time, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Toro. The group decide to try and sneak out while his back is turned, as Darius creates a diversion to lure him out. Reaching the top of the platform, they catch up to the monorail as it arrives, only for the announcement system to alert the Carnotaurus. Toro chases after them but has difficulty climbing the stairs, tripping and falling halfway. The campers make it to the safety of the platform in time, just as the Carnotaurus reaches the top. However, his weight is too much to support the stairs and he crashes to the floor below.

The group celebrates because they think they are going home, as the monorail continues to the South Docks. The campers discuss what they want to do once they are rescued, then toast to surviving the day's events. However, after the mood sours once they hear a distant explosion, Sammy attempts to create a toast based on making new friends, but receives a lukewarm reception as the group is unsure if they will see each other again afterward of the ransom.

However, this contemplation is interrupted by the Pteranodons attacking them. Sammy helps the group try to put out the lights to prevent an attack, and then uses her flashlights to distract the attacking Pteranodons and allow Ben to divert the train from crashing. She sees Ben fall from the train, sobbing out of devastation. Soon after, she, along with the rest of the group, jump off the train as they land in the jungle. The group decides to use the maintenance tunnels to get to the docks, as they won't make it any other way. The group runs into some obstacles and a group of Compys, before Toro ambushes them again. The group manages to evade it for a short time, until they reach a sealed part of the tunnel that was previously the exit. They decide to open the nearby boxes and try to attack the Carnotaurus.

However, the animal loads the cart containing the compressed air tanks they planned to ambush him with, sending the tanks flying everywhere and starting a fire. The Carnotaurus proceeds to attack the group, as they narrowly evade it in the confined space. Finally, they manage to create an explosion that severely injures the dinosaur. As the group stumbles out of the wreckage, they are shocked to see that the Carnotaurus has survived as well, albeit heavily scarred. The animal decides to leave to heal from its injuries rather than attempt a confrontation. At that moment, the campers see that the explosion created an exit. They arrive at the pier only to see that the ferry has already left, leaving the campers to fend for themselves on the abandoned island.

Season 2[]

"A Beacon of Hope" & "The Art of Chill"[]

Sammy helps carry Yaz while the group flees from dinosaurs, until they eventually arrive at Main Street. While there, Sammy mentions that there is a Brooklynn booth, which was used for marketing in Jurassic World, then looks in a book to discover the existence of a distress beacon to call for help. Later after finding the beacon, Sammy helps to monitor Rexy so that Darius and Kenji can activate the beacon while Rexy is away. After the beacon is activated and everyone moves to safety, she celebrates with everyone else.

After choosing the camp as a base, Sammy accompanied Darius and Brooklynn to get medical supplies. At the medical station, Sammy frees several caged herbivores and argues with Darius over freeing Grim Sammy argues that if they don't release him, they will have to feed him every day to which Darius suggests feeding him Sinoceratops, but she refuses. Their argument is interrupted by the arrival of Chaos and Limbo, so Sammy releases the last herbivores to distract the carnivores while everyone escapes. However, Darius takes advantage of the chaos to free Grim. Later while building the treehouse, Sammy finds Darius's necklace and returns it to him as a thank you.

"The Watering Hole"[]

Sammy and Yaz volunteer to go with Brooklynn on the search for frozen flowers, while looking for the flowers they talk about high school until they find them. They discover an active vent beneath the flowers, so they continue on searching, this time with all three talking about a TV show they like until they arrive the genetics lab. They look around until the Baryonyx, some of which Sammy named, stalking them, manage to escape and Sammy also manages to recover the E750 folder that Brooklynn found. That night Sammy witnessed that there is a campfire.


The campers are later rescued by Tiff, Mitch, and Hap, who Sammy takes an initial liking to. She avails herself of the camp's modern amenities and goes with Tiff and Mitch on hikes to observe dinosaurs, leaving Brooklynn behind in anger for offending Darius. However, when she returns to camp, Hap, Brooklynn, and Kenji are mysteriously gone.


Sammy grows suspicious of their "saviors", and decides to distract them with Yaz while Darius can figure out what's happening. Sammy ends up captured by Tiff and used as a hostage to force Darius to reveal the location of the watering hole. She eventually tries to escape when a dinosaur scatters everyone, but she ends up recaptured again.

"Step One"[]

Darius comes up with a plan for him and Sammy to steal Mitch and Tiff's guns. When they reach Main Street, Sammy helps Darius drop a bookshelf on top of the hunters, then snatches the guns and runs away with Darius. A lengthy game of hide and seek ensues, but eventually the hunters manage to find them; however, the sudden restoration of electricity distracts them long enough for Sammy and Darius to slip away again. Rexy then arrives and causes havoc, eventually allowing the hunters to recover the guns and escape. Rexy nearly eats Sammy and Darius, but suddenly the hologram of a T-Rex reactivates and distracts Rexy long enough for Sammy to escape with Darius. She's then hailed by a megaphone, from which emits Kenji and Brooklynn's voices, asking what's going on. Although they have some difficulty, having no audio input, Sammy manages to tell her friends that the hunters are on the way to the watering hole.

"Chaos Theory"[]

Sammy gets picked up by Kenji and together they go to meet up with Ben and Yaz, whereupon they all start blasting music and flashing lights to drive the dinosaurs away from the watering hole and into a stampede. However, Rexy sends them stampeding right back, and Sammy notices that Yaz's car has stalled. She and Ben pick her up on Bumpy, and then flee from Rexy. After losing Rexy, they regroup at the docks and Sammy joins in a huge group hug.


"Hidden Adventure"[]

Season 3[]

"View from the Top"[]

Sammy and the others leave Isla Nublar on a raft, but a huge wave sweeps them back on the island. The six head to Lookout Point to gather supplies for a new raft. During their time there, Sammy and Kenji bond and joke around, and Sammy sees something she wants Kenji to see. However, when the group is attacked by a group of Dimorphodon's, Sammy and Kenji escape in a gondola. Fortunately, they are all safe in the end. After getting to safety, Sammy and Kenji reveal that they found Mitch and Tiff's boat near the shore of the island.

"Safe Harbor"[]

After Sammy and the group get on the boat, they discover that it is almost out of gas, but that it can be refueled on the other side of the island. Once there, the group has a dock party. At night, the boat is punctured and they look for supplies to patch the hole. Sammy is saved by Bumpy when she encounters an Ouranosaurus. However, the group then encounters a pair of Ouranosaurus who try to attack them. The group runs back to the boat. While the Ouranosaurus's follow them, Sammy and the group scare them off with fireworks. Throughout the day, Bumpy is cold to Sammy, making her upset. He learns from Yaz whom Bumpy has taken a liking to, that what Bumpy likes is the snacks. Satisfied, Sammy becomes friends with Bumpy by simply giving her snacks.

"Casa De Kenji"[]

The boat has enough gas to take the campers to Kenji's father's penthouse, where they look for supplies. Sammy is interested in the pictures in the penthouse, most notably of his dad. When trying to ask Kenji why he isn't in any of the pictures, Kenji quickly changes the subject. Sammy even comes across a picture of Kenji, his father and two other women, which was what Kenji drew. When she and Yasmina are curious about that, an upset Kenji just says that the picture isn't important. Sammy, Yasmina, and Ben then head to the garage to find gas for the boat. However, while heading there, they are attacked by a group of Monolophosaurus. The three escape through the vents and arrive in a garage, where they find sealant they could use to siphon gasoline from multiple vehicles. While Ben is siphoning gasoline, Sammy is thinking about if she has a family to go to when she goes home, and Yasmina tries to comfort her. The group gets enough gas from the limos and also gets sealant for the hole in the boat, before driving away in one, picking up Darius, Brooklynn, and Kenji on the way back.

"Clever Girl"[]

Wanting to help her family by finding out why Mantah Corp sent her, Sammy requests Brooklynn's help. However, Brooklynn takes over and refuses to listen to Sammy's ideas, which angers her, she berates her and runs off, but agrees to work with her again after Brooklynn apologizes. Using an old map she found at Kenji's condo, Sammy leads Brooklynn to a lab, where they find the "E750" room and several pre-recorded videos from Dr. Wu, revealing the eponymous creature to be an aggressive hybrid dinosaur known as the "Scorpios rex".

"Eye of the Storm"[]

Sammy and Brooklynn run to warn the others about the Scorpius rex. They run into Darius first and warn him. The three then warn the others through Darius's walkie talkie and run back to their camp to pack and leave the island. Unfortunately, the tide is too high, which forces them to stay. In order to protect themselves, the six electrify the fence. During this time, Yaz sadly tells Sammy that they would not be able to be friends once they leave the island, which deeply saddens Sammy. The group is then attacked by the Scorpius Rex. During the attack, Sammy is hit by the Scorpios rex's quills. When the Scorpius is drawn away, Sammy falls unconscious due to the poisonous quills, which scares the group.

"The Long Run"[]

Sammy is on the ground barely conscious. The other five look for ways to cure Sammy. In order to help Sammy, Yaz runs to the "E750" lab in search of an antidote, Ben and Darius decide to create a large explosion to distract the Scorpios rex, while Brooklynn and Kenji to stay back to help Sammy. Sammy then starts hallucinating about her cow Bessie back at home, before going back to groaning in pain from the poison. Yaz returns to give Sammy the antidote, with Darius and Ben returning shortly after. Initially it appears that Yaz arrived too late and Sammy has died, which deeply saddens the others, in particular Yaz. However, Sammy saved from death.

"A Shock to the System"[]

With Sammy saved after taking the antidote, everyone decide to leave the island as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Sammy hugs Yaz in gratitude for saving her, as she is still weak from her injury. Heading to the ship, Sammy is still weak from her injury, as Yaz calms her down. Kenji and Brooklynn don't have much luck finding their way, as Sammy needs to take a water break. Sammy tells Yaz that she is scaring the rest of the group with the way she acted in an attempt to calm her down. Meanwhile, the group is forced to take shelter from a herd of Parasaurolphus as they flee. To get his bearings, he proceeds to follow the path toward the dock, even as the Scorpios attack the group, killing many dinosaurs as they pursue them. They reach the yacht and run for safety as they board it.

"Escape from Isla Nublar"[]

The other campers, including Sammy, escaped on the yacht and returned to the dock hoping that the Scorpios were gone. They later find the wrecked limo and Sammy determines that Darius and Ben were able to escape due to the presence of footprints leading away from the wreckage. Sammy leads the group to follow the footprints, as they witness the aftermath of the Brachiosaurus stampede and discover a baby Brachiosaurus that has been abandoned by the herd and Sammy rushes to hug it with Brooklynn and Yaz. Then they join together to help the baby ask for help. When they hear an answering cry, the baby's mother arrives and returns to the herd. Following Darius and Ben's trail, they arrive at the Visitor Center and find them. But they are dismayed when they learn of the existence of the two Scorpios and the group decides to hunt the two hybrids. They head to the Visitor Center, being trapped with the Scorpios. Fighting the hybrids with Blue's help, the kids take down the visitor center, while a three-way fight begins between the two Scorpios and Blue. The ceiling collapses and the two Scorpios are buried alive while the children and Blue manage to escape. They return to the yacht without further incident and Sammy sadly asks Ben if he wants to stay or not. The group hugs him and wishes him goodbye, while they decide to set sail before a new approaching storm. When Ben runs back begging them to stop deciding to leave with them. The group begins to cheer, only when two helicopters fly overhead, ordering them to return to the dock.

"Whatever It Takes"[]

Back at the dock, the kids board the helicopter but when the Tyrannosaurus suddenly appears the pilot ascends in a panic, just as Rexy bites the helicopter and pushes it down. Sammy and Ben almost fall out of the helicopter, but Kenji saves them. The helicopter pilot manages to free him and the Rex eats the mercenary while the helicopter flies away. Sammy, Ben and Kenji beg the pilot to take them back, but she refuses. At that moment, the helicopter is attacked by a flock of pteranodons. The pilot follows Ben's advice to turn off the lights and the attack stops. When the pilot is distracted talking to the campers, she swerves to avoid a Brachiosaurus, and the helicopter crashes into a tree. When they wake up they struggle to free themselves, just as the helicopter begins to fall. They grab a vine, but that makes the helicopter slide even more. It continues to fall and explodes upon crashing, but the children manage to survive through the vine. They hug each other in relief at being safe on shore, determined to return to the docks and wait for the others.

"Stay on Mission"[]

They manage to meet at the yacht dock and are informed that Brooklynn is being held hostage. The group argues over whether or not to give the laptop to Wu, while Brooklynn's fate hangs in the balance. The group returns to camp, while Sammy and Yaz copy the laptop's contents to a USB drive. Just as Hawkes informs Wu to inspect the laptop, Ben enters with a herd of Ankylosaurs while riding Bumpy as a distraction. Hawkes ignores Kenji as he tries to take Brooklynn away, while the mercenaries try to force her into the helicopter. The pack prevents Wu and the others from reaching the helicopter. Sammy and the others arrive and meet up with Kenji and Brooklynn, Hawkwes chases the campers through the pack, demanding the laptop from Sammy and Brooklynn. Sammy throws the laptop and the pack tramples it. Darius manages to lead the group to safety as they escape the pack. However, Hawkes briefly chases the children in the helicopter, but Wu manages to dissuade him and the helicopter flies away. As the group recovers, Ben wishes Bumpy goodbye again, as the group hugs her. He leaves the island again on the yacht towards the mainland with Sammy resting.

Season 4[]

"Beneath the Surface"[]

As they sit down to eat, Ben serves them all larvae, Sammy begins to try to eat one of them, but doesn't dare to do so because of its disgustingness. When they realize that a Compy has snuck aboard the ship, they try to chase her, but the Compy evades them. While checking in a cabin, Sammy notices some photos of Mitch and Tiff's trips upsetting them, and Yaz presents him with a drawing of them on the first day on the ferry. The Compy is cornered by Sammy, Ben and Darius, who nearly catch it before the ship gets stuck in seaweed. Darius volunteers to perform the task. Sammy helps the others lower Darius into the water with a rope. She would panic with the rest when the Mosasaur assaults the ship. When the mosasaur destroys the ship, the campers end up on another strange island.

"At Least…"[]

As the campers walk through a cave into what looks like a desert, they express their disbelief that they could have made it this far, when Ben sees something in the distance and they decide to check it out. Ben gathers the group, including Sammy, to walk into the desert. The campers begin to express relief at not having to worry about the dinosaurs, as they quickly begin to tire of the scorching heat of the desert. Sammy alerts the group about a nearby sandstorm, as the group runs for cover. The sandstorm overtakes them, the children become disoriented in the storm and lose Kenji and Brooklynn, who have fallen down a ravine. Now separated, the others try to find them, although Sammy suggests taking a break, but the others continue searching and finally find them at a watering hole, although Ben dissuades them from eating the poisonous berries. Resting near a campfire at night, Sammy begins yelling around the fire, and the rest of the group does the same to vent their frustrations. In the middle of the night, Ben wakes up, trying to restart the fire, and becomes convinced that there is something out there but the group doesn't believe him. Just then, a Smilodon jumps out of the bushes. The rest of the group manages to take advantage of a rock and throw stones from the cliff to scare the animal. The next morning, the group is walking, as Kenji trips over something metal on the ground. The group follows him until Kenji hits an invincible wall and they determine that there is a door beyond.

"Turning Dr. Turner"[]

The campers follow the tunnel into a mysterious hallway. The group realizes that they are in a complex facility and Brooklynn manages to open a door to a forest biome. At that moment, the group is interrupted by a T-rex, which is quickly joined by another Tyrannosaurus. As the two animals fight, the group sees a woman working on a tablet near them. The group quickly realizes that the rex are not fighting, but playing. The campers follow the woman and tell her their story. She introduces herself as Dr. Mae Turner, who studies dinosaur brains, and Darius recognizes her, as he claims to be a fan of her work. The group decides to follow Mae, as she explains how the animals got to the island. They enter another area, which is Dr. Turner's private living quarters. The group decides to take a look at her things while she prepares lunch, to Sammy's and everyone's surprise, they discover that Mae works for Mantah Corp and must be behind this island. While having lunch, Sammy and Darius are left alone in the cave while the others investigate an area that Mae forbade them to go. While they distract her, Sammy thinks that Dr. Turner doesn't know anything about Mantah Corp being bad. When they heard an alarm from a tablet, they ran with Mae until they found a BRAD that killed the Compy who also survived on the ship. Back in the cave, Sammy explains to Mae her situation and why she doesn't trust Mantah Corp. When Mae went out to study about the Rex called Big Eatie and Little Eatie, Sammy and Darius sneak up behind her. The two Rexes approach the feeding area as the three of them watch. Watching how the rex feed. They quickly begin to display aggressive behavior as they begin to fight. Dr. Turner tries to call a BRAD to calm them down. Sammy investigates the food and determines that the rex have been drugged.

"Rude Awakening"[]

Mae tells the group that the drug was the cause of the Tyrannosaurs' sudden antagonism. Dr. Turner informs the group about a supply plane that arrives every two weeks, and the group decides to try to invent a situation so that the plane arrives sooner. Darius comes up with a plan to wait until the Rex are asleep, disrupt their food supply, and then disrupt the biome's power box. After succeeding, the group celebrates realizing that the plane will be there in a few hours, just as they are scanned by some approaching BRADs. The BRADS corner the group, just as Brooklynn tells the group to move on, tricking the robots into frying the locking mechanism while she launches herself. In another biome with snow, Sammy is happy that she has never seen snow in her life, but her taste changes when she remembers that it is created by Mantah Corp. Dr. Turner finds snowmobiles for the group while they They head towards the plane, but stop when they encounter a Kentrosaurus named Pierce. They get off the snowmobiles just as the dinosaur collapses. Darius realizes that the only way to transport Pierce is with both vehicles. The campers prepare the vehicles to transport the Kentrosaurus as they begin their journey. However, they don't travel very far before being chased by a BRAD. They try to run over the BRAD, but the robot continues its attack, until Yaz manages to throw one into a frozen lake, and they reach the airlock. As the group runs away, they realize that they have missed the plane, seeing Yaz distraught, Sammy comforts her and admits that she suffers from PTSD from everything they have experienced and misses her mother.

"The Long Game"[]

The campers sadly return to Dr. Turner after missing their plane. Darius decides not to leave, as they realize they have to stay to prevent Mantah Corp from harming the dinosaurs. The group says they will split up. Sammy and Yaz rest in Mae's cave, as they begin to talk about what they miss at home as they fall asleep. But suddenly they wake up, when they hear someone come in and hide under the bed, seeing a BRAD scanning. They manage to observe Kash giving orders to the robot, while stealthily watching Kash take a notebook from Dr. Turner, Sammy recognizes him and turns to inform Yaz where she knows him. Afterwards, Sammy and Yaz run to the Desert Biome and meet up with the rest of the group. Sammy informs her friends that she knows who Kash is and tells them that he is the person who blackmailed her family and decides to confront him herself. But they try to convince her that facing him is too dangerous. Pierce becomes increasingly agitated during this exchange as the group attempts to calm him down and Sammy runs off. Sammy runs into the jungle biome, just as the others stop him from running into the clearing just in time. The campers rush to Mae's aid as the BRADs begin to corner her and prepare to attack. The campers distract the robots, while Sammy and Ben manage to escape with Dr. Turner. The group runs for their lives, as the BRAD continue their dogged pursuit. Sammy manages to get to the airlock with Dr. Turner, but is cornered by the BRADS. The raptors begin to surround the others, but Sammy grabs a malfunctioning BRAD and uses it to stun the raptors. The group flees into the jungle while they try to care for the injured Mae. Sammy apologizes to everyone for running away and trying to confront Kash and they accept his apology.

"Mission Critical"[]

Sammy takes care of Mae after dressing her wounds with leaves while they think about what to do. She agrees with Yaz that they need to find Kash's phone so they can call for help. The group hides from the BRAD scanners, and Sammy drags Mae with Ben's help to avoid them. The BRADS left due to new orders, and decide to follow them. Sammy, Kenji, and Darius watch as a BRAD confronts Big Eatie and Little Eatie, determining that the mother is suitable for a test. Suddenly drones arrive and use their invisible walls to ward off the tyrannosaurus. Big Eatie destroys the BRAD in frustration as she tries to get closer to Little Eatie, but is pushed away. The kids decide to follow her to see where they take her, but decide to turn back when another BRAD appears on the scene. The campers watch in horror as Pierce and Big Eatie are forced to fight. The children decide that they must save the dinosaurs. When Yaz collapses while watching the dinosaurs fight, and Sammy and Darius come to her aid. Just as Kash presses the animals closer and closer. Ben arrives on a snowmobile, and he, Sammy, and Yaz use the vehicle to work as a makeshift battering ram, running over a BRAD in the process. They jump when the snowmobile crashes into the facility, having turned it into a makeshift bomb, as the facility explodes to distract Kash.

"Staying Alive"[]

The rest of the campers realize that Darius was captured by Kash. Seeing how Pierce and Big Eatie are killing each other, they decide to destroy the drones to save them, when they saw that Kash stops the fight, takes the animals and Darius to the infirmary while Sammy and the others watch. The group runs back to Mae because they want to know where Kash and Darius went, and she tells them about the medical bay and when the next feeding is scheduled. They run towards the desert biome, when they realize that the heat has increased. Just then, the campers encounter the Spinosaurus which attacks them, forcing them to try to hide in a cave system. Believing themselves safe, the group runs into the Smilodon, which corners them. The Smilodon charges at the group, leading them to a dead end. Just as the Smilodon is about to pounce on them, the Spinosaurus breaks through the wall and eats the Smilodon. The group runs to safety as the Spinosaur attempts to attack them again. The group decides to jump down the feeding chute. As the group hides near the medical bay, they briefly encounter Darius, who keeps them informed of the situation.

"Technical Difficulties"[]

That night, Sammy and the others begin to converge on the facility, trying to decide how to enter. However, when they notice that Kash ordered a BRAD-X to monitor Darius, they return to Mae. They bring up the idea of ​​potentially hacking the robot, with the idea of ​​Brooklynn hacking it due to her prior technical experience. The kids try to distract a BRAD-X in the jungle biome, but their trap managed to take it down only temporarily. They follow BRAD-X to the BRAD-X manufacturing workshop facility. While the others investigate the facility, Yaz and Ben volunteer to keep watch outside while Sammy and Brooklynn attempt to hack a robot, but initially fail. Finally, the campers manage to locate a BRAD, try to hack it and manage to communicate with Darius through the BRAD-X.


As they sneak past the sleeping captors into the compound, Darius lowers a rope just as one of the captors begins to wake up. The group sneaks into the facility and Darius takes them to the infirmary, with the mission of getting the babies out. The rest of the group heads to the medical bay, where they find the baby dinosaurs. Sammy finds a reserved area containing a baby hybrid created with Spinosaurus and Sinoceratops ADN. Sammy runs into the laboratory, when she realized that she was the one who extracted the ADN from Isla Nublar, seeing him locked up she feels guilty for having hurt him and calls the hybrid Angel. Sammy confesses this to Yaz that Angel and his brother, Rebel, were made from the samples he stole from Isla Nublar, but she tells him that it is Mantah Corp's fault for harming them. As they try to get out, the Sino-Spino and the baby Brachiosaurus continue to play rough and one of them, crashing into the power box, causes a fuse to blow. The medical bay areas open due to the power outage and a Ceratosaurus emerges from one of the areas. The campers hide from the Ceratosaurus, even as the baby brachiosaurus panics and alerts the carnivore. The Ceratosaurus attacks them and is soon distracted enough to chase after the Spinoceratops. The group barely manages to escape by separating, Kenji and Brooklynn running in one direction and the rest in the other. Sammy, Yaz and Ben head out to the forest biome.

"Taking Control"[]

While Sammy and Yaz watch the baby Brachiosaurus playing with Angel. Ben encourages the group to go to the cave, considering it the only safe place left. Ben, Yaz and Sammy have to evade the BRADS in the jungle complex, when he realizes that they have found the baby Brachiosaurus. Ben pursues the BRAD and manages to distract it, but only momentarily before it resumes its pursuit. The baby brachiosaurus is quickly captured by the BRADs and forced to return to the main facility. The two Spinoceratops meet in the cave, while Ben informs Sammy and the group of what Kash has done. He determines that the time has come to defeat Kash and formulates a plan for the group to follow, luring Kash into the Biome, knocking him out, and locking him inside Mae's cave and naming the baby Brachiosaurus Firecracker.

"Who's the Boss?"[]

Brooklynn and Sammy discover that something is wrong with the Sino-Spino. They determine that Rebel and Angel are not used to the forest biome, so they decide to try the others. The chichas enter the desert biome when they realize that the Spinoceratops are not acclimated to the region and decide to enter the arctic biome. As they return, they are chased by the Spinosaurus and barely manage to escape into the tunnels. In the arctic biome they see that the Spinoceratops are acclimating to their new biome when they leave. Sammy and Yaz fight over the controls as Sammy doesn't want to leave yet. This causes the snowmobile to veer towards the ice and sink, while the chichas barely manage to escape. They find another snowmobile up ahead, but struggle to move despite the cold. Sammy explodes at Yaz because she got angry for quickly leaving the babies, while she unleashes his feelings on her. When they noticed that the Spinoceratops are warm due to endothermic bioengineering, they decide to stay close to them to survive in the biome.

They manage to get to the snowmobiles safely, as Yaz apologizes to Sammy, she accepts his apology and they hug. The girls leave the biome on the snowmobile, as a BRAD X approaches, with a message from Darius about the Kentrosaurus Pierce. Heading to the swamp biome on the snowmobile, the girls manage to scare off a herd of Dilophosaurus before reuniting with everyone. The group hugs each other, but soon realize that they have been tricked because they are surrounded by BRAD-X. Kash gloats, even when the president of Mantah Corp steps out of the shadows revealing himself to be Kenji's father.

Season 5[]

"Reunited" & "The Final Test"[]

Sammy and the others introduce themselves to Mr. Kon, asking him to remove the BRADs, and she is even recognized by Kash looking at him with disgust. After Daniel locks up Kash and invites them to join forces, Sammy and Brooklynn begin to question whether they should trust him, since he is the boss of the company. Then they went to visit Mae in the infirmary. When Sammy sees Kash angrily from the security camera, she decides to go confront him accompanied by Brooklynn. At daycare, Sammy confronts Kash, telling him to put files about his family in Daniel's office and they go there. At the office, Sammy discovers that the Gutierrez ranch now belongs to Mr. Kon, leading her to confront him when she saw him arrive, but to her surprise and relief, Daniel showed her a version of events that presents him as someone who He is saving his family's debts. Seeing that his family is well and that they now supply meat for his island, thanking him. They report this to the others, when Kenji announces that his father will continue with the dinosaur fights. So in the morning, they decide to show him a different side of dinosaurs to change his mind, with Sammy being with Daniel and Brooklynn in a tree to observe. After reuniting Big Eatie with his daughter, they managed to convince him.

The next day, Sammy has breakfast with the others, then offers with Yasmina to help Kenji for his date with Brooklynn. After decorating the main room they left to leave him alone, later they return to see how it is going, only to see that it is only Brooklynn, Darius and Ben. Then they discover Kenji with his father and the investors.

"Battle Lines"[]

The next day, Sammy and the rest try to explain to Kenji about his father, although he was trying to leave. After Kenji left, they went to follow Mae and Kash to help her. After creating a distraction, they returned and found Kenji, telling them to stay out of their father's affairs. Not wanting them to hurt dinosaurs, they decide to go destroy the chips. They reach the forest biome through the feeding platform and begin to release the controlled dinosaurs. Sammy and Yaz manage to save the Velociraptors, causing the death of Kash and the two investors Mr. Gold and Cyrus. After freeing them, everyone including Sammy is locked up by Kenji and his father, despite what Sammy says that they are family he ignores him.

"Evasive Action"[]

Locked in, Sammy helps them find a way out, and they find one towards the drain, disgusting her. In the drain, Sammy with Ben and Yaz begins to blame Kenji for everything for betraying them, although Brooklynn defends him. Then Sammy asks Darius what he thinks about Kenji but he doesn't say anything. When they see BRAD-X spraying sleeping gas, they run, but Sammy and Darius separate from the group. The two try to find them, but get lost and find the underground facility that connects the island. While the children weigh their options of which tunnel to take, they are surprised by the Nothosaurus and its screams alert the rest of the group. They are attacked by the Nothosaurus and ABRAD but they manage to escape although the attack caused the computer to go crazy and the core began to heat up. They emerge to the surface, as they continue to argue about Kenji, and Darius proclaims that they can't worry about Kenji now, that the only thing that matters is finding out what dinosaurs are afraid of and even as the campers are visibly confused as the island begins to shake.

"Shaky Ground"[]

Witnessing Big Eatie and Little Eatie being extremely agitated by the shaking, and unable to do anything due to the drones, Sammy decides to shut down the drones while Darius tries to help calm them down. At headquarters, they use Kash's computer to shut down the drones and they succeed. When they noticed that Mantah Corp had received the signal they had sent from Nublar, they turned on a drone that had been destroyed by the Scorpios rex, to keep an eye on Mr. Kon and what he was planning, and even when they noticed Kenji controlling Toro. After hearing that Daniel sold the chips to Biosyn, they report this to Brooklynn, finding her very angry and sad with Kenji. When they hear another earthquake they hide under the furniture until it passes. Then they arrived on a snowmobile to help Big Eatie remove a tree that fell due to the earthquake.

"Out of the Pack"[]

Taking a break while they decide what to do when Mr. Kon returns, the campers decide to destroy the control chips, turning it into a competition of sorts. Sammy and Yaz enter a BRAD workshop to obtain the chips and burn them. While there, the girls destroy a BRAD. When all the robots were finally deactivated, the girls grabbed the chips and began to burn them in a bonfire while they waited for the others, celebrating their victory for winning first.

"The Leap"[]

Sammy drinking chocolate with everyone, they are deciding to make a watering hole for the dinosaurs. They try to cover a drain with fires so that the entire area fills with water but they fail. So each one chooses different objectives. While Darius and Brooklynn decide to distract the Rex, Sammy decides to make the materials for the watering hole herself.

Sammy finishes plugging the drain, but realizes that simply stopping the flow of the river is not enough to expand the watering hole. Then try to reach the waterfall to increase the water flow, climbing a tree to reach the top. Upon reaching the top, Sammy finds an access tunnel near the river and climbs down the hatch to try to find a water control valve. Finding it, he tries to twist it, but breaks it. At that moment, he sees a BRAD-X that was not turned off like the others. Despite her fear, she manages to replace the handle and begin the operation before the BRAD sees her, and she flees, tricking the robot into breaking the river fence so she can escape. Sammy climbs out of the hatch, but is forced to flee from the Pteranodons and jumps over the waterfall into the newly created waterhole. The rest of the group arrives and discovers that Sammy made it. This is further demonstrated when the Rex arrives at the watering hole and proceeds to peacefully coexist with the other dinosaurs. The group plays at the watering hole, while Sammy and Yaz share a moment and jump off the waterfall.

"The Core"[]

While Sammy brings food for the Rex, Yaz approaches her to tell her how she feels, although they are interrupted by the Rex feeding. As the Rex leave, she attempts to say the words, only to be interrupted again by the arrival of Darius and Brooklynn. The group returns to the maintenance corridors to make a plan when Daniel returns. The group tries to figure out how to close the doors to operate their trap, with Sammy walking away and Yaz following her. She scares her off by surprise, but the doors accidentally close, separating the two, when a sudden alarm sounds throughout the complex. Brooklynn determines that the entire system is malfunctioning when they manage to get Sammy back. They run out and see a warning error that a geothermal power malfunction has occurred. They return to the drain and realize that the core is overheating. After removing the Nothosaurus from the toxic gas in the core, Sammy takes him with Yaz and Ben to the Swamp Biome, while Darius and Brooklynn are in charge of fixing the core.

Sammy, Ben and Yaz stare at the Nothosaurus, while Yaz requests time in private to tell Sammy how she really feels about her. Just as she confesses, the Nothosaurus wakes up and begins attacking them. The trio barely manage to evade him in the elevator as they board it, giving them plenty of time when they reach ground level. When the Nothosaurus shakes them off, he is slightly stunned, but is distracted by the approach of a Dilophosaurus, killing the other predator and giving the children time to run. Arriving somewhere safe, the kids take a breather while Sammy and Yaz catch up on their feelings. Sammy confesses that she feels the same way about her, and the two kiss, just as the rest of the group arrives and cheers them on. At that moment, they see the arrival of Daniel Kon's people. The group is horrified to see the dinosaurs being unloaded from the trucks, especially when they see Kenji helping, and when they see that Bumpy has also been captured.


When they hear Mr. Kon say that there is a USB with the chip files in a BRAD-X, Sammy and the others search for the memory, until they find it in the desert biome. Seeing that they were being followed, they try to evade them to the Spinosaurus, but lose their memory, although they managed to escape from the now controlled dinosaur. In the forest biome, they meet Ben and Bumpy freed from mind control and Kenji to their surprise.

"The Last Stand"[]

Sammy is still upset like the rest with Kenji for betraying them, he tries to apologize that his father was a bad guy, and she accepts his apology and even introduces him to Yaz as his girlfriend. When Daniel arrives with his mercenaries and the controlled dinosaurs flee. Upon reaching the watering hole, Sammy and Yaz hide the baby dinosaurs while the rest take care of the big ones. When the bad guys arrive they prepare to fight, while the others fight, Sammy takes Firecracker to the cave, but is caught by Daniel. He tries to convince her to give him the password but she refuses, and even reveals that he was the one who gave Kash the orden to blackmail his family. Then Sammy punches him and escapes with Firecracker. When Daniel regains control of the captured dinosaurs, he tries to attack Little Eatie but his mother intervenes. But when Daniel uses the Spinosaurus to defeat her, he leaves her unconscious, to the horror of everyone, including Sammy.

"The Nublar Six"[]

With Big Eatie defeated, Sammy runs with everyone to the top of a tree, when Darius decides to leave the island, to which Sammy does not agree to leave the dinosaurs alone to defend themselves. While running towards the docks, during a snowfall created by Mr. Kon, they are surrounded by Toro and the Spinosaurus and become separated. Sammy runs with Yaz and Ben to a warehouse hiding from the mercenary Godinez, while they hide they are attacked by the raptors. They manage to escape, leaving Godinez to be devoured. Then Sammy and the rest of the group make a plan to scare Mr. Kon, causing the evacuation alarm and releasing sleeping gas that they took from the warehouse, leaving the Tyrannosaurus unconscious. They then head to the dock, seeing how Kenji refuses to go with his father, after he left, Sammy took Rebel and Angel back to the arctic biome and they all sit at the waterhole living happily.

Receiving an alert of someone arriving, they see the dock and are surprised that it is Dave, Roxie, Mae and Brandon Bowman. Then they run to hug their former advisors. On the way to the mainland, Sammy is with Yaz hugging on the bow with their friends. Upon arriving, Sammy ran to hug his father, knocking them to the ground, then shows her father and Yaz's mother that their daughters became a couple and their parents accepted. Two years later, Sammy and Yaz live together in Texas, and she says she teaches Yaz how to bond in her free time. At the same time, she cannot believe or is impressed that Ben's parents let him spend the summer on the Mantah Corp island now converted into their "secret island", and even when Mae thanks him for sending him meat. Finally, Brooklynn reports that she is investigating the incident at Lockwood Manor, Sammy tells her "Go, Esther Stone" before saying goodbye.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Season 1[]

"Down on the Ranch"[]

Sammy had a reunion with Darius and Ben. She's also running her family farm which Bumpy is living on, that makes her the Ankylosaurus' primary caretaker and she's taking up capoeira classes during her free time.


"Halfway Home"[]

"Free Fall"[]

"That Night"[]

"The Drop"[]

"Into the Fog"[]

"The End of the Beginning"[]


Sammy is known as being gregarious, loud, and filled with enthusiasm for the experience of being at Camp Cretaceous. Her friendly demeanor causes her to befriend Yaz, arguably the most determined introvert in the group. She cares deeply for those close to her such as her friends and especially family, going as far as running away to work as an illegal spy to help her family, showing guilt over hurting Yasmina after it was revealed she stole Brooklynn's phone and was struck with grief over Ben's supposed death, even denying it and wishing to look for him. Even after this, Sammy continues to bond with her fellow campers, most notably Yasmina.

Sammy is shown to be upset when meeting Kash again and defensive of her family, even more so when she learns her family was blackmailed under Daniel's orders. She is shown to have had romantic feelings for Yaz and is happy to finally be her girlfriend, passionately kissing her in joy.

At the end of the first series, she and Yaz are living together, proving how strong her love for her is.


Sammy has a very plump and heavyweight yet curvy body and brown eyes. She has black curly brushed hair, a single bang on the left side above her left eyebrow and wears a dark pink hairband. She wears a black leather jacket (in the 1st and 2nd episodes of Camp Cretaceous and Secrets respectively) which was later replaced by a white tank top with dark pink flowers and dark green leaves while being stranded on Isla Nublar. She also wears dark blue jeans and light brown boots.

In the final episode of Season 5, Sammy has removed her hairband and still wears the same tank top.

In the episode "Safe Harbor", Sammy wears a two-piece swimsuit; the upper half being orange, and the bottom half being a dark magenta / purple color.

As of Chaos Theory, Sammy now has magenta highlights in her hair and wears a color-block jacket over a red button down shirt.


Yasmina Fadoula[]

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Darius Bowman[]

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Kenji Kon[]

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Ben Pincus[]

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Mae Turner[]

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Mr. Gutierrez[]

Mrs. Fadoula[]



  • Sammy shares her surname with Martin Gutierrez, a novel exclusive character who also had a distinct U.S. Southern Accent. Whether or not there is a relation between the two characters is unknown as Dr. Gutierrez has never appeared in the film canon.
  • In an interview with showrunner Scott Kreamer, it was confirmed that Sammy's undershirt being a Hawaiian styled floral pattern was a nod to Dennis Nedry. This hinted at Sammy's secret mission as a corporate spy.
  • Both Sammy's Hispanic heritage and the fact that her family has experience in ranching could imply that she is a Tejano (a Mexican-American from Texas) or at the least a Hispanic from the American Southwest.
  • Sammy is a self-proclaimed Brooklander, and a big fan of Brooklynn's social media content.
  • Sammy being a spy, and taking dinosaur saliva samples somewhat mirrors Billy Brennan stealing Velociraptor eggs to support funds for the dinosaur Dig site. Sammy however (being in a difficult position) had reasonable reasons behind her actions, while Billy is often described as stupid at best and selfish, and devious at worst.
  • Her voice actor revealed that she's from San Antonio, Texas.
  • She is the first and only confirmed lesbian character in the franchise.
  • As seen in concept art, Sammy was originally a male character.
  • She is the indirect creator of the Spino-Sino as she took DNA samples from the Sinoceratop and later was used to create Angel and Rebel.
  • It is implied that Sammy had a crush on Yasmina before becoming a couple on Mantah Corp island as she seems to be the first one who truly cared about Yaz's feelings and many of her mannerisms towards Yaz suggested she did have a crush.
  • She is the only character to have an accent.


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