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Sammy Gutierrez[1] is a main character in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, and later a revealed spy for Mantah Corp. Her character is voiced by Raini Rodriguez.


Early Life

Sammy was born sometime in 2001, the daughter and sister of currently unknown parents and siblings.

Sammy's family owns a ranch that supplies meat to the carnivores of Jurassic World. At an undisclosed time in the past, the ranch ran into trouble and Sammy's family borrowed money from the Mantah Corp front lines. The company requested that the family send their daughter, Sammy, as a corporate spy to Jurassic World. or everything they had worked for over the years would be taken from them since they asked for the money. While the family denies his request but Sammy, fearful that his family will lose the ranch, chooses to accept their request and offers to act as a spy for the company after being accepted at Camp Cretaceous and stealing genetic samples from the dinosaurs for use. company illicit. Sammy was fourteen years old when he enrolled at Camp Cretaceous.

Season 1

"Camp Cretaceous"

Sammy arrived at Isla Nublar at the Ferry Landing along with the other campers, and were greeted by Dave and Roxie. After the introductions, the campers are taken to Camp Cretaceous for the ride. Sammy meets Brooklynn and greets her, telling her that she is one of his Brooklynites and states that she attended Camp Cretaceous because her family provides the meat that is to feed the dinosaurs. island carnivores. But then they stop briefly when Dave and Roxie try to retrieve an escaped compsognathus. Arriving at camp, Sammy sees that the place is almost as big as his family's ranch in Texas, after which they are given a brief description of the camp rules. That afternoon, all the campers, including Sammy, ride the zipline over the herd of dinosaurs.

After disaster struck and the dinosaurs got out of containment, Sammy and the campers were left on their own to fight for their lives. They went on the run, trying to escape the dinosaurs. At one point, Sammy stole Brooklynn's phone which upset the other campers, most notably Yasmina, though Sammy felt guilty about hurting her. She was later found out to be a spy who worked for Mantah Corp to help her family's ranch from going into debt.

At the end of the season, Sammy managed to make it to a ferry port alive along with a few others. However, the ferry had already left; leaving the campers to fend for themselves on the abandoned island and thus marking the onset of the second season.

Season 2

A Beacon of Hope

Sammy helps carry Yasmina Fadoula while the group flees from dinosaurs, until they eventually arrive at Main Street. Once there, Sammy uses a book to discover the existence of a distress beacon to call for help, and then helps to monitor a T-Rex so that Darius Bowman and Kenji Kon can activate the beacon while the T-Rex is away. After the beacon is activated and everyone moves to safety, she celebrates with everyone else.

The Art of Chill

After choosing their old camp as a base, Sammy heads off with Brooklynn and Darius to get medical supplies. At the medical station, Sammy frees several caged herbivores and argues with Darius over freeing the single carnivore, a Baryonyx. Their argument is interrupted by the arrival of several other carnivores, so Sammy releases the last herbivores to distract the carnivores while everyone escapes. However, Darius takes advantage of the chaos to free the Baryonyx, so Sammy gives him a dinosaur necklace in thanks.

The Watering Hole

Sammy accompanies Brooklynn and Yaz on the search for frozen flowers, talking about high school with Yaz until they get there. They discover an active vent beneath the flowers, so they continue on searching, this time with all three talking about a TV show they like until they arrive at a genetics lab. They look around until a Baryonyx group, some of which Sammy named, drives them out, although Sammy manages to recover the E750 manilla folder for Brooklynn.


The campers are later rescued by Tiff, Mitch, and Hap, who Sammy takes an initial liking to. She avails herself of the camp's modern amenities and goes with Tiff and Mitch on hikes to observe dinosaurs, leaving Brooklynn behind in anger for offending Darius. However, when she returns to camp, Hap, Brooklynn, and Kenji are mysteriously gone.


Sammy begins to suspect their "saviors", and decides to distract them with Yaz while Darius can figure out what's happening. Sammy ends up captured by Tiff and used as a hostage to force Darius to reveal the location of the watering hole. She eventually tries to escape when a dinosaur scatters everyone, but she ends up recaptured again.

Step One

Darius comes up with a plan for him and Sammy to steal Mitch and Tiff's guns. When they reach Main Street, Sammy helps Darius drop a bookshelf on top of the hunters, then snatches the guns and runs away with Darius. A lengthy game of hide and seek ensues, but eventually the hunters manage to find them; however, the sudden restoration of electricity distracts them long enough for Sammy and Darius to slip away again. Rexy then arrives and causes havoc, eventually allowing the hunters to recover the guns and escape. The T-rex nearly eats Sammy and Darius, but suddenly the hologram of a T-Rex reactivates and distracts Rexy long enough for Sammy to escape with Darius. She's then hailed by a megaphone, from which emits Kenji and Brooklynn's voices, asking what's going on. Although they have some difficulty, having no audio input, Sammy manages to tell her friends that the hunters are on the way to the watering hole.

Chaos Theory

Sammy gets picked up by Kenji and together they go to meet up with Ben and Yaz, whereupon they all start blasting music and flashing lights to drive the dinosaurs away from the watering hole and into a stampede. However, the Tyrannosaurus sends them stampeding right back, and Sammy notices that Yaz's car has stalled. She and Ben pick her up on Bumpy, and then flee from Rexy. After losing Rexy, they regroup at the docks and Sammy joins in a huge group hug.

Season 3

View from the Top

Sammy and the others leave Isla Nublar on a raft, but a huge wave sweeps them back on the island. The six head to Lookout Point to gather supplies for a new raft. During their time there, Sammy and Kenji bond and joke around, and Sammy sees something she wants Kenji to see. However, when the group is attacked by a group of Dimorphodon's , Sammy and Kenji escape in a gondola. Fortunately, they are all safe in the end. After getting to safety, Sammy and Kenji reveal that they found Mitch and Tiff's boat near the shore of the island.

Safe Harbor

After Sammy and the group get on the boat, they discover that it is almost out of gas, but that it can be refueled on the other side of the island. Once there, the group has a dock party. At night, the boat is punctured and they look for supplies to patch the hole. Sammy is saved by Bumpy when she encounters a Ouranosaurus. However, the group then encounters a group of Ouranosaurus's who try to attack them. The group runs back to the boat. While the Ouranosaurus's follow them, Sammy and the group scare them off with fireworks. Throughout the day, Bumpy is cold to Sammy, making her upset. However, following the Ouranosaurus attack, Sammy learns from Yasmina whom Bumpy has taken a liking to, that what Bumpy likes is the snacks. Satisfied, Sammy becomes friends with Bumpy by simply giving her snacks.

Casa De Kenji

The boat has enough gas to take the campers to Kenji's father's penthouse, where they look for supplies. Sammy is interested in the pictures in the penthouse, most notably of his dad. When trying to ask Kenji why he isn't in any of the pictures, Kenji quickly changes the subject. Sammy even comes across a picture of Kenji, his father and two other women, which was what Kenji drew. When she and Yasmina are curious about that, an upset Kenji just says that the picture isn't important. Sammy, Yasmina and Ben then head to the garage to find gas for the boat. However, while heading there, they are attacked by a group of Monolophosaurus. The three escape through the vents and arrive in a garage, where they find sealant they could use to siphon gasoline from multiple vehicles. While Ben is siphoning gasoline, Sammy is thinking about if she has a family to go to when she goes home, and Yasmina tries to comfort her. The group gets enough gas from the limos and also gets sealant for the hole in the boat, before driving away in one, picking up Darius, Brooklynn, and Kenji on the way back.

Clever Girl

Wanting to help her family by finding out why Mantah Corp , Sammy requests Brooklynn's help. However, Brooklynn takes over and refuses to listen to Sammy's ideas, both of which angers Sammy who rebukes her and runs off, but agrees to work with her again after Brooklyn apologizes. Using an old map she found at Kenji's condo, Sammy leads Brooklyn to a lab, where they find the "E750" room and several pre-recorded videos from Dr. Wu, revealing the eponymous creature to be an aggressive hybrid dinosaur known as the "Scorpios rex".

Eye of the Storm

Sammy and Brooklyn run to warn the campers about the Scorpius Rex. They run into Darius first and warn him. The three then warn the others through Darius's walkie talkie and run back to their camp to pack and leave the island. Unfortunately, the tide is too high, which forces them to stay. In order to protect themselves, the six electrify the fence. During this time, Yasmina sadly tells Sammy that they would not be able to be friends once they leave the island, which deeply saddens Sammy. The group is then attacked by the Scorpius Rex. During the attack, Sammy is hit by the Scorpius' rex's quills. When the Scorpius is drawn away, Sammy falls unconscious due to the quills, which scares the group.

The Long Run

Sammy is on the ground barely conscious. The other five look for ways to cure Sammy. In order to help Sammy, Yasmina runs to the "E750" room in search of an antidote, Ben and Darius decide to create a large explosion to distract the Scorpios rex, while Brooklyn and Kenji to stay back to help Sammy. Sammy then starts hallucinating about her cow Betsy back at home, before going back to groaning in pain. Yasmina returns to give Sammy the anecdote, with Darius and Ben returning shortly after. Initially it appears that Yasmina arrived too late and Sammy has died, which deeply saddens the others, in particular Yasmina. However, Sammy then coughs, revealing she is alive and okay. The others, most notably Yasmina are happy.

A Shock to the System

After Ben runs off too find Bumpy, Darius goes after him, which causes Sammy, Brooklynn Yasmina and Kenji to head back to the boat. Yasmina is helping Sammy walk, as the latter is still recovering. The three are confronted by a stampede of Parasaurolophus, but manage to escape. By the time they reach the boat, Sammy is good enough to walk and run herself. However, as the Scorpius approaches, the three leave the dock in order to get away.

Escape from Isla Nublar

Sammy, Kenji and Yasmina head back to the island on the boat and look for Darius and Ben, eventually finding them. However, they are shocked to learn that there are two Scorpius Rex's. However, they are attacked by the two hybrids and even for a short time, the Velociraptor Blue. Fortunately, Blue ends up helping them. Sammy and the other campers help tear down the the visitor's center with both Scorpios rexes inside, killing them. At the dock, the group boards the boat as Ben stays behind. After a moment, Ben changes his mind, much to the happiness of Sammy and the others, and the entire group behinds their journey to Costa Rica. While floating away, several helicopters surround the boat and order the group to return to the island.

Whatever It Takes

Returning to the dock, the group notices that the helicopter passengers are not there to rescue them, have weapons, and appear to be unprepared. Soon after, one helicopter is attacked by Rexy and flies away with Sammy, Ben and Kenji. The three request and even beg the pilot to go back for Darius, Brooklynn and Yasmina, but she refuses. The three are shocked to learn that they have been stranded for 6 months. After the helicopter crashes, Sammy, Ben and Kenji narrowly escape, before the helicopter crashes to the ground and explodes. The three decide to head back to the dock, believing Darius, Brooklynn and Yasmina believing they would have gone there if they got away from Rexy.

Stay on Mission

After being reunited with Kenji, Sammy and Ben, Darius explains what happened to Brooklynn and his plan to get her back while also managing to copy and wipe out Wu's memory and research on this laptop. Sammy uses the flash drive she got when she arrived at Camp Cretaceous, in order to copy and wipe the memory on Wu's laptop. However, a scared and frustrated Kenji who is unwilling to put Brooklyn's life at risk, takes the laptop before it wipes out all the memory and runs to find Wu. During a attack on Wu and his mercenaries, Sammy manages to destroy Wu's laptop. Wu leaves the island with his fellow mercenary Hawkes, as they received samples of the Indominus rex. The six bid farewell to Bumpy and leave the island on Mitch and Tiff's boat, but are unaware that there is something on the boat that roars in the last scene.

Season 4

Beneath the Surface

Sammy is happy to be off the island. She asks the others to write down their contact information prior to getting off the boat, so she can have weelky checkins with them. Yaz gives Sammy a drawing of the six on the ferry ride on day 1 which she drew, much to the happiness of Sammy. After the group discovers the boat is stuck on kelp, Dairius goes in the water to remove them, with Sammy, Yaz and Ben tying a rope to him. Despite being tailed by the Mosasaurus and tie rope breaking, Sammy, Yaz and Ben successfully bring Darius back on with the assistance of Kenji. The six are then attacked by the Mosasarous. The Mosasarous eventually destroys the boat, which leads to the campers being stranded on a new island. The six go into a cave in order o possibly find shelter for the night.

At Least...

After Ben sees something shiny, Sammy and the others head out to find what it is. The group wanders into a desert as a sandstorm begins to form. While Brooklynn and Kenji are seperated in the process, Sammy and the others are able to find them after the strom ends. Unfortunately, they are all dissapointent to learn that the shiny thing is just a metal rectangle. Later at night, the group wakes up and notices a saber-toothed tiger in a bush, but they manage to escape. The next morning, Sammy and the others find an invisible wall which opens to reveal a metal hallway, much to their shock.

Turning Dr. Turner

At the other end of the hallway, the group finds themselves in a forest. After avoiding two T-Rexes, they encounter Dr. Mae Turner, who is studying how dinosaurs interact with one another. They head to her place, but their experiences lead them to distrust her. After Sammy discovers Mae works for Mantah Corp, both she and Darius decide to stay with her and ask questions, while the other four go to a place Mae warned them not to go too investigate. Sammy asks Mae hypothetically what her company plans to do with her research, to which she says that her compnay will make scientific breakthroughs. She then asks Mae to remind her where she works, but Mae says she never told them. After Mae gets an alert, the three run to see a BRAD, a robot that kills "unrecognized lifeform" on the island. Luckily for Sammy and Darius, Mae stops it from finding the others. After heading back to Mae's place, Sammy explains their situation and why they do not trust Mantah Corp. Mae goes outside to monitor a mother dinosaur and a daughter dinosaurs' eating habbits, with Sammy and Darius following her. However, the two dinos get out of control and attack each other, much to the confusion of the trio. After Mae has a BRAD knock them out, Sammy finds something in their food. Now, trusting Sammy about Mantah Corp, the three head back and Mae decides to find out what Mantah Corp is doing to the dinos.

Rude Awakening

After Mae discovers that Mantah Corp is tampering with the food to make the dinosaurs more aggressive, everyone comes up with a plan to call the supply plane and get rid of the altered food, in order to get off the island and stop Mantah Corp. Sammy and Brooklynn remove the alteed food from the T-Rex area. The group isthen pursued by the mother T-rex Big Eatie, but they escape. The six are the pursued by BRADS, but manage to escape into a cold and snowy biome. where they encounter a wounded Kentrosaurus named Pierce. Despite wanting to catch the plane, the group agrees to help get Pierce out of this area, upon Darius's request. While they are attacked by a BRAD, a frightened Yaz successfully hits it into the water. After saving Pierce, the 6 campers run to the plane, but unfortunately arrive too late. Darius and Ben head back to Mae's, while Yaz breaks down to the others about her nightmares and desire to go home, with Sammy along with Brooklynn and Kenji comforting her.

The Long Game

To help Yaz, Sammy takes Yaz back to Mae's place to rest. Yaz tells Sammy she does not remember how to sleep, but Sammy convinces her to think about what she misses to help her sleep, which works. The two however, wake up when they hear a man and a BRAD come in Mae's place. They hide under the bed and go unseen. Sammy recognizes the guy and tells Yaz, as the guy takes Mae's journal containing her research. After regrouping, Sammy reveals that the man is Kash who blackmailed her family into sending her to Jurassic World. When the others attempt to dissuade her from confronting him, an angry Sammy decides to do so anyway and runs off. Sammy sees Mae and Kash talking, with the latter being his boss. Fortunately, Yaz stops Sammy from confronting him and the group catches up. Yaz tells Sammy that they are here to protect her. Wile Kash turns the BRADs against Mae and orders them to kill her, Sammy and the others save Mae. When a pack of Velociraptors surround them, with one injuring Mae, Yaz and the others are saved by Sammy using one of the damaged BRADs to injure and scare off the raptors. The 6 take Mae somewhere where they won't be seen. Sammy apologizes to the group for her actions.

Mission Critical

Sammy tries to help the others get Kash's phone so they can try to call for help. After Big Eatie and Pierce are lured to a place by the BRADs and Mantah Corp drones are are forced to fight, the six campers come up with a plan to lure Kash away, stop the fight, and get the phone. Sammy, Yaz and Ben cause an explosion, which causes an atert to pop up on Kash's monitor, which lures Kash and his BRAD out and allows Darius to go insde the compound, but Darius ends up being caught by Kash.

Staying Alive

Sammy and the others wonder why Darius has not stopped to fight. Per Brookylnn's advise, SAmmy and the other start destroying the drones with the hope of this stopping the fight, but Darius fortunately convinces Kash to stop the fight. Sammy and the others see Darius captured by Kash, with Sammy being relived that he is alive. After telling Mae, she advises them to use a platform to go to Med Bay. Despite being chased by a Spinosaurus and the Saber-toothed Tiger, Sammy and the others are inadvertently saved by the Spino killing the Tiger, and then escape and head into the med bay. Despite reuniting with Darius, Darius ends up staying so he can act as a spy for the rest of the group.

Technical Difficulties

In order to communciate with Darius, Yaz and the group have Brooklynn reprogram a BRAD-X. Fortunately, the plan works and Yaz and the group are able to communicate with Darius. Sammy has alot of confidence in Brooklynn due to the things she had done in her videos, but ends up putting too much pressure on her. When Brooklynn gives him because of the pressure, Sammy and the others realize their mistake. Fortunately, the plan works and Sammy and the group are able to communicate with Darius.


The five head to the Medbay to save the younger dinosaurs with Darius's assistance. Sammy finds a Spinoceratops with Kenji, but but after learning the Spinoceratops she found was through the samples she took from the Sinoceratops in Isla Nublar, Sammy feels guilty. She then starts showing a lot of affection towards the Spino she found which she names Angel. When Yaz asks her what is going on, Sammy says Angel and the other Spino who is Angel's brother are here because of the samples she took back on Jurassic World. Yaz comforts her by saying that most of the blame should go to Mantah Corp, and that Sammy can help her by getting her out. Sammy now acts strict with Angel in order to get her out, which she does. While the 5 and the baby dinos are attacked by a Ceratosaurus, they escape and head outside.

Taking Control

After Ben sees Kash inject a control chip in a Brachiosaurus he found, he tells Sammy and the others, and the five come up with a plan to trap Kash. Sammy uses Angel to lure Kash to the trap. Fortunately, the plan works and Kash is trapped. After Darius and Ben reunite with the group, Sammy and the others are happy.

Who's the Boss?

While taking Rebel (Angel's brother whom Kenji and Brooklynn named) and Angel to the desert biome, Brooklynn tells Yaz and Sammy about her and Kenji, much to their (Sammy in particular) happiness. Unfortunately, the Spinosaurus chases them away. They go to the cold and snowy biome to drop off Angel and Rebel. While Yaz wants to leave. Sammy and Brooklynn don't want to at first. Yaz tries to pressure them to leaving which upsets them and they try to stop her, which leads to their snowmobile going into the ice cold water. Luckily, the three get out before it goes in. Sammy and Brooklynn voice their frusration to Yaz for not listening, and Yaz apologizes for her mistake, and both Sammy and Brooklynn forgive her. After some time, the three agree to head back, but are approached by what they believe to be Darius's BRAD-X who tells them that Pierce is in danger. They end up saving the Darius, Kenji, Ben, Mae and Pierce from a pack of Dilophosaurus by chasing them away with another snowmobile. When Darius realizes that they have been lured into a trap by Mantha Corp it makes Sammy scared. The six are then approached by a huge group of BRAD-X's, Kash and the president of Mantah Corp. Sammy and the other campers are shocked to learn that the president of the ruthless company that blackmailed Sammy's family is Daniel Kon, Kenjis dad.


In season 1, Sammy is known for being gregarious, loud, and filled with enthusiasm for the experience of being at Camp Cretaceous. Her friendly demeanor causes her to befriend Yaz, arguably the most determined introvert in the group. She cares deeply for those close to her such as her friends and especially her own family, going as far as running away to work as an illegal spy to help her family off the hook, showing guilt over hurting Yasmina after it was revealed she stole Brooklyn's phone, and being struck with grief over Ben's supposed "death", even denying it and wishing to look for him.

In season 2, Sammy continues to bond with her fellow campers, most notably Yasmina.

In season 3, Sammy develops a bond with Kenji early on and she is shown to be heartbroken when Yasmina says they won't be able to be friends after they leave, but Yasmina fortunately has a change of heart. Sammy also continues to protect her family, wanting to search the tunnels underneath the island to find out why Mantah Corp sent her there, wanting to use any evidence she finds to protect her family.

In season 4, she is determined to stop Kash and Mantah Corp. After recognizing Kash, an angry Sammy tries to confront him, but is restrained and brought to her senses by her campers. After recognizing that Angel was created through the samples of the Sinoceratops she took on Isla Nublar, Sammy feels guilty. At the end of the season, Sammy is shocked to learn that the president of Mantah Corp is Kenji's dad.


Sammy has brown eyes. She has black curly brushed hair, a single bang on left side above her left eyebrow and wears a dark pink hairband. She wears a black leather jacket (in the 1st and 2nd episodes of Camp Cretaceous and Secrets respectively) which was later replaced by a white tank top with dark pink flowers and dark green leaves while during stranded on Isla Nublar, also wears dark blue jeans and light brown boots. By the start of season 3, her hair has grown more voluminous due to the unkempt temperatures of the island.

In the episode "Safe Harbor" Sammy wears a two-piece swimsuit; the upper half being orange, and the bottom half being a dark magenta / purple color.



  • Sammy shares her surname with Martin Gutierrez, a novel exclusive character who also had a distinct U.S. Southern Accent. Whether or not there is a relation between the two characters is unknown as Dr. Gutierrez has never appeared in the film canon.
  • In an interview with showrunner Scott Kreamer, it was confirmed that Sammy's undershirt being a Hawaiian styled floral pattern was a nod to Dennis Nedry. This hinted at Sammy's secret mission as a corporate spy.
  • Both Sammy's Hispanic heritage and the fact that her family has experience in ranching could imply that she is a Tejano (a Mexican-American from Texas) or at the least a Hispanic from the American Southwest.
  • Sammy is a self-proclaimed Brooklander, and a big fan of Brooklynn's social media content.
  • Sammy being a spy, and taking dinosaur saliva samples somewhat mirrors Billy Brennan stealing Velociraptor eggs to support funds for the dinosaur Dig site. Sammy however (being in a difficult position) had reasonable reasons behind her actions, while Billy is often described as stupid at best and selfish, and devious at worst.
  • Her voice actor revealed that she's from San Antonio, Texas.




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