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Sammy Gutierrez is a main character in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. Her character is voiced by Raini Rodriguez


Sammy is a guest of Jurassic World. She attends Camp Cretaceous. When asked by Brooklynn, she claimed she was attending Camp Cretaceous because the Gutierrez family supplied all the beef used to feed the dinosaurs on the island.

At Camp Cretaceous, Sammy met five other campers there who were also participating in the camp. They engaged in several exciting activities at the camp, led by Roxie and Dave, the two camp counselors. Sammy and the others saw dinosaurs up close, drove a Gyrosphere, and made many incredible memories.

After disaster struck and the dinosaurs got out of containment, Sammy and the campers were left on their own to fight for their lives. They went on the run, trying to escape the dinosaurs. At one point, Sammy stole Brooklynn's phone which upset the other campers. She was later found out to be a spy who worked for Mantah Corp. to help her family's ranch from going into debt.

At the end of the season, Sammy managed to make it to a ferry port alive along with a few others. However, the ferry had already left, so she was left stranded on the island at the end of the first season of the show.


Sammy is known as being gregarious, loud, and filled with enthusiasm for the experience of being at Camp Cretaceous. Her friendly demeanor causes her to befriend Yaz, arguably the most determined introvert in the group. She is deeply affected by the loss of her friend Ben, who was believed to be killed by a Pteranodon.


  • Sammy shares her surname with Martin Gutierrez, a novel exclusive character who also had a distinct U.S. Southern Accent. Whether or not there is a relation between the two characters is unknown as Dr. Gutierrez has never appeared in the film canon.
  • In an interview with showrunner Scott Kreamer, it was confirmed that Sammy's undershirt being a Hawaiian style floral pattern was a nod to Dennis Nedry. This hints at Sammy's secret mission as a corporate spy.
  • Both Sammy's Hispanic heritage and the fact that her family has experience in ranching could imply that she is a Tejano (a Mexican-American from Texas) or at the least a Hispanic from the American Southwest.
  • Sammy was originally imagined to be a boy, but swapped genders in the finale version.
  • Sammy is a self-proclaimed Brooklander, and a big fan of Brooklynn's social media content.



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