Warning "'Ooh, ah,' that's how it always starts. But then later there's running and screaming."

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The Screaming Woman was one of the people bidding on the dinosaurs at the Lockwood Manor. When Stiggy went on a rampage in the auction room causing panic, she at one point ran right behind the dinosaur trying to find some avenue of escape. Whilst most of the other bidders escaped the mansion, she and two other bidders hid in the elevator, unable to get it working since they didn't know the code but too scared to move otherwise. While Ken Wheatley was being mauled to death by the Indoraptor, Gunnar Eversol ran for the elevator and pushed the woman out in front of the grisly scene so he could enter in the code. The woman stupidly let out a loud scream at the gruesome spectacle, which attracted the atention of the Indoraptor. Thankfully the elevator doors closed before the Indoraptor could get in. But the Indoraptor accidentally broke a circut breaker and opened the door back up, which allowed it to maul Eversol, the Screaming Woman, and the other two bidders to death.

Behind the scenes

  • She is the second female human character to be killed by a prehistoric creature after Zara Young.


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