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The "screaming hunter" was a member of the InGen hunting team sent to Isla Sorna to capture the dinosaurs on the island. When several incidents led to the team being stranded on the island with a separate team known as the Gatherers, the hunter and the rest of his team reluctantly joined forces with the Gatherers for survival.

The hunter was later killed when his team was ambushed by a pack of Velociraptors whilst fleeing through a field of long grass.


Ambush in the long grass


When the team was ambushed by a pack of Velociraptors lurking in the long grass, the hunter was among those who turned and ran in the ensuing chaos. As he tried to flee the slaughter with his colleagues he turned around — only to be faced with a charging Velociraptor. Petrified, the man could do nothing more than let out a shrill shriek as the raptor immediately leaped into the air and pounced on him, pinning him to the ground and mauling him to death.