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In the chapter Search, Donald Gennaro and Robert Muldoon investigate the Sauropod Paddock after the skirmish seen in "Dawn" and later John Arnold's new discovery. Meanwhile Dr. Alan Grant and the Murphy children drift into the Jungle River Cruise. This is the first chapter of the fifth iteration.


During the two men's investigation of the area, Muldoon finds a juvenile Hadrosaurus that was killed by Rexy. He reports its death to John Arnold, but the hadrosaur's death is overshadowed by Arnold's latest discovery: Dennis Nedry. The two men then proceed to drive to the Jungle River Cruise to Dennis Nedry's corpse. Muldoon investigates Nedry's death, discovering that a Dilophosaurus had killed him. Afterward, Robert Muldoon retrieves his rocket launcher from Nedry's jeep and then departs from the area with Gennaro.

Elsewhere in the Jungle River Cruise Dr. Alan Grant and the Murphy children drift through the attraction in their raft where they see Microceratops. The children have a brief argument on the raft but are silenced by Dr. Grant when the group hears a shriek.

Robert Muldoon and Donald Gennaro return to the Sauropod Paddock, but can not find the Tyrannosaurus rex. He calls Arnold over the radio only to find he is unable to find the large dinosaur either. Muldoon asks if John can find Dr. Grant and the Murphys and receives the same response from Arnold. All John Arnold can tell the two men is that they need to wait.

As Dr. Grant's small group drift down the river they go inside the Jurassic Park Aviary. Dr. Alan Grant decides to haul the raft to shore because he believes the the lodge in the aviary might have a useable phone or motion sensors.


  • Micoceratops as since been renamed Microceratus because the name Microceratops was already occupied by a genus of wasp.