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Secrets is the second episode in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on September 18, 2020.


With the rest of the crew off visiting a genetics lab, Kenji sneaks Darius into the park's top-secret underbelly and straight into danger.

Plot Summary[]

Darius and Kenji are still trapped in the raptor paddock with the Velociraptor pack approaching. All of a sudden, the lights turn on and the camp counselor Roxie throws a piece of meat at the pack to distract them, Dave then pulls Darius and Kenji out of the raptor paddock and vomits. The camp counselors Dave and Roxie scold the boys, stating that the two are in huge trouble.

Once the campers, Dave and Roxie arrive back at camp. Darius expresses his annoyance towards Kenji for his stupidity. Kenji explains how he wants to make his father proud and that he is always viewed as being a failure. When Roxie and Dave confront the boys about what happened, Darius takes sympathy for Kenji and claims it was all his fault; throwing himself under the bus and saving Kenji from embarrassment. Roxie finds Darius' explanation suspicious noting it doesn't match Brooklynn's account of the incident and gives the boys a final warning. As a punishment the next morning the boys have to clean up dinosaur poop and Darius is given a perfume while the rest of the group heads on a trip to the genetics lab.

Kenji explains to Darius that there’s more to the park than he thinks and offers to show him a dinosaur that they stopped showing to the public. Kenji leads Darius to the hidden, underground passageway of tunnels, part of a system which connects to the entire island.

At the same time in the genetics lab Brooklynn is eager to get some good video footage for her various social media channels and manages to convince Dr. Wu into taking an interview. Later Brooklyn, still eager to find exciting footage for her social media followers ventures into restricted areas of Dr. Wu's laboratory, while venturing she runs into Sammy, claiming to have to go to the bathroom. Brooklynn later enters Dr. Wu's office and discovers the blueprints and concepts for the Indominus rex. Meanwhile the rest of the group are fortunate enough to witness a premature, asymmetrical Ankylosaurus hatching hatch, to Dr. Wu's surprise. Ben soon makes friends with the Ankylosaurus, naming her Bumpy. Eventually Dr. Wu catches Brooklynn in his lab, expresses his annoyance towards the group and forces them to leave, much to their dismay. Ben is particularly upset as he is now forced to say goodbye to his newborn friend.

Back inside the tunnels, Kenji promises to take Darius to see an aggressive dinosaur that the park quarantined who soon suspects that Kenji is not taking him to the Carnotaurus he wants to see. The two eventually arrive at a ladder leading up, out of the communications center and into the Carnotaurus enclosure. Kenji proceeds to climb up, unlocking the hatch leading out of the tunnels and enter the ground level Carnotaurus enclosure.

The boys explore the enclosure for a while before Kenji throws a rock and hits the fence. Darius cautiously asks Kenji if they are on the safe side of the enclosure, the Carnotaurus soon appears and the both boys realize they are on the wrong side of the fence.

The Carnotaurus chases Kenji and Darius through the jungle. The boys attempt to escape through a small cage inside the Carnotaurus enclosure. During the escape the cage door shuts, trapping Darius between the cage door and the approaching Carnotaurus. Soon after Kenji saves Darius' life by managing to pry open the cage door using a tree branch. The two then mock Toro, the Carnotaurus; which proceeds to ram the gates of it's enclosure, receiving a scar across it's muzzle.

The two boys manage to return to camp in time before anyone suspects them. Darius and Kenji both of which have managed to save each others lives once agree that they are now even and make a pact not to speak of their encounter with Toro. When the rest of the group and the camp counselors return, the boys do their best to act natural.

In the middle of the night, a mysterious drone flies over the camp and a shadowy figure puts a USB drive into a slot in the drone before the drone flies off.

Characters and Cast[]