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Shaky Ground is the fifth episode of the fifth season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on July 21, 2022.


Something unsettling is sending the dinos into a frenzy. Darius and Brooklynn pour their energies into problem-solving. Kenji chooses sides.

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  • Toro and Chaos return in this episode after a long absence.
  • Depsite Hawkes manages to save Kenji from Toro by put a mind control chip into the dinosaur's brain he probably only does that since it is his mission to keep the Kon's alive and make sure he get paid for his services and not out of being a nice guy.
  • As Kenji seemes schocked when he take the control over Toro is it possible he actually knows it wrong to manipulate a dinosaur that way but is to blinded by to impress his father that he even saves his old enemy Hawkes and continues to persuade himself that Daniel does it for a good reason as he finally is a part of his life. It was maybe also easier for Kenji to control just Toro since they we're old enemies.
  • Depsite his actions in the episode Kenji still misses his friends as he says its their fault that Toro is scarred even through it was mostly Kenji's fault.
  • Kenji is seen smiling controlling Toro by the other Campers with the help of an old drone. Brooklynn takes it that Kenji really is just as bad as Daniel and has choosed his side. Kenji probably smiled because he still saw Toro as an enemy and because Daniel promised that the two of them would do great things together which Kenji sees as that he and his dad finally will have a true relationship witch makes him smile as he still hasnt realized Daniels true nature and that he just uses Kenjis dream to be part of his life for his own gain to make sure Kenji remains at his side. After Kenji is separeated from the group Daniel says he must find Kenji which for sure also is to make sure that Kenji not realizes Daniels true nature as it is later revealed that Daniel never looked for Kenji after the fall of Jurassic World.
  • Dave recalled how Darius had snuck into the raptor paddock in the pilot episode.
  • It's revealed that Mantah Corp had received the campers distress beacon but they had chosen to ignore it.