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Shep Wauneka is a Department of Fish and Wildlife official based in California. Shep Wauneka works closely with former Jurassic World employee Owen Grady and fellow DFW official Rosa Delgado.

Shep Wauneka was portrayed by Lakota American actor Moses J. "Mo" Brings Plenty in Jurassic World: Dominion.


Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Owen, Parasaur and horses extended cut

Shep, Rosa Delgado, and Owen Grady worked closely together for some time rescuing dinosaurs for the Department of Fish and Wildlife. This was in order to not only protect the scared and confused animals but also protect the native wildlife. In one instance, he took part in chasing a herd of Parasaurolophus on horseback in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Owen was pulled by a Parasaur and dragged before succeeding in calming the animal down. Shep and Rosa reunited with Owen and headed off to take the animal to safety, bound for the Biosyn Sanctuary

As the three were passing by, they were confronted by Rainn Delacourt and a posse of men posing as employees of the DFW and accused them of poaching. Shep, Owen, and Rosa however flashed their official badges and when Owen asked Shep if he remembered seeing Rainn at the DFW meetings he replied "No, can't say I have.". Everyone then drew their firearms on each other with Rainn having no qualms about kiling the three over the Parasaur. To the surprise of Shep, Owen handed over the animal which was then taken by the other group. Shep noted he'd never seen Owen back down from a fight to which Owen stated he had "obligations" (his partner Claire and his adoptive daughter Maisie).

Behind the Scenes[]

Shep Wauneka was portrayed by Lakota actor Mo Brings Plenty in Jurassic World: Dominion. He is the first character of Indigenous American descent in the Jurassic film series. A majority of his screen time is in the Extended Edition of the film.


  • Shep Wauneka is the first character in the film series of Native American descent as Moses J. "Mo" Brings Plenty is Oglala Lakota. Past characters of Indigenous American heritage generally appeared in expanded media such as Nima Cruz (Bribri) and Deputy Daniel Jackson (Heritage unknown).