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Sino-Spino[1], also referred to as Spinoceratops, is a hybrid introduced in season four of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. In the series, there were a brother and sister made from Sinoceratops DNA that Sammy had taken from Isla Nublar, and Spinosaurus DNA from Isla Sorna. The male was nicknamed "Rebel" by Kenji and the female was nicknamed "Angel" by Sammy.


Angel is colored light blue with a white underbelly, and Rebel is colored blue with a white underbelly, probably to help blend in with the snow. The creatures have a Sinoceratops head and body with a Spinosaurus sail.

Behavior and characteristics

Based on the Sinoceratops DNA, the Spinoceratops appears to be a generally peaceful hybrid dinosaur, although the male clone "Rebel" has been found to be much more peaceful than the female clone "Angel". However, whether this is simply a personal trait or indicates that female Sino-Spino are more aggressive, is unknown.

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Although Sino-Spino feed mostly on plants, they are actually omnivorous as they also eat fish. This is believed to be due to the Spinosaurus DNA, since spinosaurs are piscivorous.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

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  • The Sino-Spino is the only one of the four hybrid dinosaurs in canon that is not hostile to the protagonists due to the fact that its basic genome is that of a herbivore. In addition, "Angel" and "Rebel" are the only hybrid dinosaurs in the Franchise that have received official names.
  • The Sino-Spino is the only hybrid dinosaur in canon that has not been created by Wu.