"We will save them. What a gift...for our children."
—Benjamin talking to Claire Dearing(src)

Sir Benjamin Lockwood was the former business partner of John Hammond in the creation of InGen and the technology to bring back dinosaurs that eventually led to Jurassic Park.


When John Hammond was starting up InGen, the company that would clone dinosaurs from ancient DNA, Benjamin Lockwood was his partner.

John Hammond died in 1998 and handed over InGen to Simon Masrani, who built Jurassic World. After the disaster in that park, and the death of Masrani, unforeseen events started to manifest. Lockwood began to deal with the blowback of what he and Hammond had done.

According to Colin Trevorrow on Twitter, Hammond and Lockwood's falling out was due to the latter's intentions, not something that had been been done yet at that point in time.[1]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Lockwood meets with Claire Dearing about bringing the dinosaurs to a safe haven. He's shown to be sick throughout the movie. He's very protective of his granddaughter and won't let her see pictures of her "mother". This is because he secretly cloned his daughter after she died, which resulted in Maisie Lockwood. He is smothered to death by Eli Mills with a pillow, after he finds out about Eli's secret agenda.


  • Sir Benjamin Lockwood is currently the only human to be murdered by another human in the franchise.
  • Sir Benjamin Lockwood bears a lot in common with his business partner John Hammond. Both men have United Kingdom heritage (Hammond from Scotland, Lockwood possibly from England), grew white beards in their older age, both were bed ridden at the end of their lives, and both men backed the creation of InGen and the technology to extra dinosaur DNA from amber. Both men also were in possession of a cane which had a mosquito trapped in amber at the top.
    • It is possible this cane might be the very same one John Hammond was shown with in the original Jurassic Park and that Lockwood inherited it from Hammond after his passing. However this is not confirmed leaving it squarely in speculation.
  • Another character that Sir Benjamin Lockwood bears similarities to is the novel character Norman Atherton, a geneticist and the mentor of Henry Wu. Atherton originally aided Hammond in genetics work but passed away before the main events of the novel and has made no appearances or mention in the film canon.
  • Sir Benjamin's exact nationality is never stated on screen but it is assumed at the least he is of British origins. There are several possibilities as to what exactly is his nationality:
    • Sir Benjamin could have been from the United Kingdom like John Hammond and then moved to the United States before the 1980s where he spent the remainder of his life, making him a UK expat / immigrant in the US.
    • Sir Benjamin could be British-American with a parent of either nationality or born either in the United States or United Kingdom which could explain his residency at Lockwood Manor in the United States.
    • At the very least, he is British (possibly specifically English) based on his accent which sounds like an Americanized English accent. There is also the matter of his title "Sir" which is bestowed upon by the Monarch of the United Kingdom for those who have achieved great achievements for the realm.



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