The chapter Skeleton is about the final and absolute identification of the lizard that bit Tina Bowman. Grant receives a fax from Alice Levin and is shocked at the animal's X-ray. Alan Grant then receives a most interesting call from John Hammond about his island in Costa Rica.


Grant tries to tell Levin that he is sure the lizard is a common Basilisk lizard, but she insists. Grant accepts the offer and is shocked by his results. He is certain these are the remains of a Procompsognathus triassicus, an animal that is over 200 million years old. Astounded by his new discovery, Grant is surprised when he gets a call from John Hammond. Hammond is obviously on edge about his new resort and about this animal that Grant found. He asks Grant and Sattler to both come to his resort for the weekend, with a compensation fee of $60,000 a day for three days each, enough money to fund their dig for another two summers. Hammond tells them to meet him at the Choteau private airfield the following morning.

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