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"Those idiots making hybrids had it all wrong. You can't engineer loyalty. You have to nurture it."
—Soyona Santos(src)

Soyona Santos is a major antagonist of Jurassic World: Dominion. She is the leader of the illegal dinosaur smuggling group based in Malta and a dinosaur breeder. She is a powerful elite criminal that takes on jobs for bigger groups such as Biosyn and hiring lower ranked criminals such as Rainn Delacourt. In 2022, Santos came into conflict with Claire Dearing and Owen Grady when she orchestrated the transport and capture of Maisie Lockwood and Beta.



Soyona Santos' origins are unknown, but she is of apparent upper class. Sometime prior to 2022, Soyona Santos gained notoriety for smuggling and breeding dinosaurs for the right buyers. At a point she became aware of the attempts to weaponize dinosaurs through genetic hybrids such as the Indominus rex and the Indoraptor. Santos, however, believed that these projects were a folly and that true loyalty couldn't be designed but rather "had to be bred" and nurtured. To that end, she bred four Atrociraptors (Ghost, Red, Tiger, and Panthera) that were absolutely loyal to her and commanded via laser sight command (in a similar fashion used on the Indoraptor).

For quite some time, Santos worked with Lewis Dodgson of Biosyn, organizing the capture and transport of dinosaurs via various smugglers and hunters. One such hunter who worked with Santos was Rainn Delacourt who captured dinosaurs out in the field illegally. A cargo smuggler who frequently worked with Santos was the down on her luck pilot Kayla Watts. She had built up enough of a reputation to earn the ire of other smugglers.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

By 2022, Santos was hired to handle Biosyn's illegal dinosaur smuggling operations in Malta's Amber Clave Night Market. As Biosyn was interested in the clone girl Maisie Lockwood and the asexually produced Velociraptor Beta, she had alerted Rainn Delacourt's team of poachers to help acquire the two. Delacourt was eventually successful, and brought in both Maisie and Beta. Under the precaution of the entire load being caught if an investigation was held on a plane, she had Delacourt's crew fly Maisie and Kayla Watts fly Beta to the Night Market simultaneously. As she got both safely on their way to Biosyn Research Facility, Santos organized a meeting with Delacourt's in order for them to ship a trained pack of Atrociraptors into Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Before the transaction could finish, a team of French Intelligence agents lead by Barry Sembène conducted a breach with Maisie's adoptive parents, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing. While the truck carrying the Atrociraptors had initially attempted to escape, more agents ambushed it and laid a spike strip on the road, causing it to veer out of control and into a nearby building, sending the raptor cages flying off the truck. As the French Intelligence surrounded the truck and its cargo, Santos ordered the driver to release the Atrociraptors, before tagging the agents for the raptors to kill them. As Santos attempted to escape, she informed her boss, Biosyn CEO Lewis Dodgson, that Maisie's parents had followed her and promised to deal with them for a higher fee. Claire then caught up with Santos and engaged in a brief fight until Claire managed to tase Santos with a shock gun. Claire then ordered Santos to tell her where she took Maisie, where she revealed that they handed her over to Biosyn. Then an Atrociraptor named Tiger arrived in the room and defended from Claire, which gave Santos the opportunity to target with her laser and attempt to escape again. This escape path led her back into the room where the Atrociraptors were released, where she ran back into Barry, the only surviving agent, and Owen, where the former promptly arrested her at gunpoint. As she was being held, she secretly sent two of the Atrociraptors to attack Owen as he was leaving but regardless the dinosaurs failed to kill him and Claire. Later that day, Santos managed to contact Biosyn and warn them that Kayla may have brought Owen and Claire with her.


Soyona Santos is a slender woman of East Asian heritage with long blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and standing at 5'7". She appears to be of wealth as she wears a fine white button up shirt (similar to Claire's outfit in Jurassic World) highlighted by a white gold belt, dark leather slacks, and black high heeled boots.


Santos was shown to be a calculating and intelligent woman. Though not entirely cold, she did not hesitate to be brutal or to commit questionable acts, such as the capture and transport of Maisie and Beta to BioSyn. She also did not balk at openly murdering human beings, but wanted to be paid if requested to. At best, she could be described as amoral.

Santos is very cruel and unhesitatingly sends a pack of Atrociraptor onto people, such as Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and Barry Sembène. However, while she mostly relies on her Atrociraptor pack, Soyona is also shown as a fierce fighter, as demonstrated when she was chased and cornered by Claire Dearing, viciously attempting to stab the latter.


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Jurassic World: Dominion[]



Santos appears LEGO Jurassic World line for Dominion.



A figure of Santos is featured with Ghost in the Release 'n Rampage Pack from the main line.


  • Soyona Santos exact background remains a mystery, but it is hinted she comes from wealth or is of the upper class given she speaks in a refined RP accent, as well as her demeanor and role compared to the blue collared Delacourt and Kayla Watts.
  • Interestingly, Soyona Santos is the second character portrayed by Dichen Lachman in a dinosaur film after the 2008 SciFi channel movie Aztec Rex.
  • Soyona is the first Spanish villain in the canon Jurassic Park franchise.
  • She is also the first blonde cinematic villain and the third overall (preceded by Dr. Laura Sorkin & Tiff).
  • She may be the Broker from Jurassic World: Chaos Theory as they are both dinosaur smugglers, one of the locations that the Broker's smuggled dinosaurs are being taken to is Malta, and the Broker's henchmen use Santos' Atrociraptor pack as weapons.