Spears was an Asset Containment Unit trooper at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar in 2015. His team included himself, Austin (his commander), Miller and Cooper. His team was sent in to recapture the escaped Indominus rex.

When the 2 teams reached its last-recorded location, they discovered that the hybrid had torn out its tracking-implant. While the other team's commander, Katashi Hamada was inspecting the implant, the Indominus revealed itself to be camouflaging and seized Hamada.The 2 teams managed to stun the hybrid with their cattle prods and taser rifles, causing it to drop Hamada, but it proceeded to crush him underfoot.

Spears, Craig, Meyers, and Lee attempted to stun the hybrid with their cattle-prods and taser rifles, but this attempt failed when Cooper was killed. Spears and Craig attempted to escape, however, the hybrid still proceeded to seize Craig and throw him backwards at a tree branch. Shortly afterward, Austin fired a net launcher at its face and in response, the dinosaur knocked over a tree, which crushed Lee and killed him. It then tore the net off its face and struck two troopers with its tail. Seeing this, Spears tried to attack it with his cattle prod, but was quickly snatched in its jaws and devoured.


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