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Spinoceratops, otherwise known as "Sino-Spino"[1] is a dinosaur hybrid introduced in season four of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. In the series, there were a brother and sister made from Sinoceratops DNA that Sammy had taken from Isla Nublar, and Spinosaurus DNA from Isla Sorna. The male was nicknamed "Rebel" by Kenji and the female was nicknamed "Angel" by Sammy.


Angel is colored light blue with a white underbelly, and Rebel is colored blue with a white underbelly, probably to help blend in with the snow. The creatures have a Sinoceratops head and body with a Spinosaurus sail.

Behavior and characteristics[]

Sinoceratops DNA indicates that the Spinoceratops hybrid dinosaur displays a predominantly peaceful demeanor. However, it has been observed that the male clone, Rebel, exhibits a significantly more tranquil disposition compared to the female clone, Angel. The underlying cause of this discrepancy, whether it stems from individual personality traits or signifies a broader divergence in aggression levels between male and female Spinoceratops, remains uncertain.

Although the primary diet of the Spinoceratops consists of plant matter, it is noteworthy that they also demonstrate omnivorous behavior by incorporating fish into their diet. This piscivorous inclination is believed to be influenced by the incorporation of Spinosaurus DNA into their genetic composition, as spinosaurs are renowned for their preference for piscine sustenance.

These hybrid dinosaurs have been genetically modified with specific adaptations to regulate their body temperatures, enabling them to thrive in frigid arctic environments. However, it has been observed that exposure to desert, forest, or other warmer climates can lead to discomfort, causing them to exhibit signs of illness or overheating. While they can tolerate warmer temperatures for a limited duration, they require colder climates to ensure their well-being and safety.

The 2 baby spinoceratops


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 4[]


Two Sinoceratops were created in 2016 by Mantah Corp after gaining DNA from the Sinoceratops from Isla Nublar obtained by Sammy. They remained there until freed by Yaz, Sammy, Ben, Kenji, and Brooklynn. Once, Sammy enters the lab, the baby Spinoceratops begins to feel nervous seeing Sammy, while Sammy apologizes for what she did to her. As Brooklynn and Yaz enter, Brooklynn grabs leaves to lure the baby and he tries to eat them. Yaz tries to get the baby to move, but the baby doesn’t, then Brooklynn does her baby talk and the baby Sinoceratops begins to follow them. As they take the male baby Spinoceratops out, Yaz and Brooklynn talk about her and Kenji. In the other room with Angel, Sammy asks about getting her out of here, but she grabs her bowl and resumes drinking, while Sammy says "they can wait". But Kenji says they can’t wait and tries to force her to move but she bites him. Then Sammy reveals that she’s named her "Angel". Angel begins screaming with Sammy telling her to "let it all out" and Kenji argues that someone might hear her. Then Kenji begins pushing her forward, with her trying to bite him and Sammy telling him "don’t hurt her". As Brooklynn resumes luring the male Spinoceratops and Yaz getting him to move, they resume talking about Kenji until they bump into Kenji and she said "we heard you" with Sammy struggling to move Angel. As they get together, Angel and her brother see each other and begin playing, the campers realize they’re siblings. They begin to play to much and make a lot of noise for the campers to have to separate them. They push them away from each other, then Brooklynn and Kenji decide to take the boy Sinoceratops first by luring him with leaves. Sammy talks about how she’s responsible for Angel and Rebel are here in the first place. Yaz reminds her of why they’re trying to help them, then Sammy gets up, cuts off the niceness and spanks Angel getting her to run to the Med bay. Once they arrive in the Med bay, the Spinoceratopses resume playing and they decide to play with the Brachiosaurus, they begin running around and playing with each other until Rebel and the baby Brachiosaurus accidentally break a fuse box, as the power turns off and babies begin to act scared. Then the campers realize that they freed a Ceratosaurus. As the animal scopes the med bay, Brooklynn has Yaz and Sammy move Angel first. As Brooklynn and Kenji hid they notice the male Spinoceratops open a box and they catch it before he could make any noise then check to see where the Ceratosaurus is. As the Ceratosaurus loses the baby Brachiosaurus, Angel rolls over and reveals herself to the carnivore. Sammy and Yaz get Angel moving while the Ceratosaurus chases them. As they continue running toward the exit, the Ceratosaurus bumps into a cargo box, and decides to cut them off. As Sammy and Angel make it to the exit, the Ceratosaurus begins attacking Yaz, but Kenji distracts the Ceratosaurus and it begins chasing Kenji, Brooklynn and the male Spinoceratops. As the Ceratosaurus continues chasing the campers and babies, Yaz, Ben, Sammy, Angel and the baby Brachiosaurus go left, Kenji, Brooklynn, and the male Sinoceratops go right with the Ceratosaurus right behind them. Kenji opens the door and he, Brooklynn and the baby Spinoceratops lose the Ceratosaurus. Yaz, Sammy, and Ben arrive in the jungle biome with Angel and the baby Brachiosaurus and Angel lays down and enjoys her freedom, while Kenji and Brooklynn arrive in the Arctic biome with the male Spinoceratops and he begins playing in the snow. Kenji and Brooklynn begin playing with him and officially name him "Rebel".

Taking Control[]

Later, in the forest biome, the Spinoceratops plays with the baby Brachiosaurus. In the snow biome, Kenji and Brooklynn bond with the other baby Spinoceratops, before they decide to return to the underground tunnel, with Rebel wanting to return to the artic biome, but they leave. Brooklynn and Kenji return to the jungle biome with Rebel and he and Angel are finally reunited in the cave. As Ben tells his plan to stop Kash and rescue Darius. Yaz and Sammy feed and tell him they’re on board, with Kenji and Brooklynn trying to get Rebel control and quiet, Ben has doubts of him being on his plan. As the campers use Angel as bait to lure Kash into a trap. As Darius begins leading Kash into the forest biome, the others are attacked by a flock of Pteranodons. As a Pteranodon begins chasing Rebel, Kenji pushes him out of the way before the Pteranodon could grab him, then Kenji, Brooklynn and Rebel hide in the bushes away from the Pteranodons. Kenji begins comforting Rebel to take his mind off the attack, once they realize they’re safe they carry out their plan to lead Kash to the waterfall. As Kash, Darius and Brad-X return to the forest biome, Rebel roars out to lure him to the waterfall, before he could spot him, Kenji calls him over to get him out of sight. While the other campers and Mae are waiting in the jungle biome and Rebel and Angel are playing. Darius and Ben return with Firecracker and tell the others that they defeated Kash and won.

Who's the Boss?[]

The campers are seeing that Rebel and Angel are acting weird and decide to determine which biome is best suited for them, since they’re not acclimated to the jungle biome givin' they’re part Sinoceratops. They attempt to lead the Spinoceratops into the desert biome seeing that they’re part Spinosaurus, but as they reach the desert they go back to sleep. Then Brooklynn remembered that Rebel was full of energy in the arctic biome and decide to try it there. They hear the Spinosaurus and are quickly attacked and chased out. They are eventually taken to the snow biome, and they begin playing and eating. As Yaz tries to leave but Sammy and Brooklynn don’t want to, they’re snow glider falls in the froze lake, leaving them to find other way out. The girls noticed an another glider, but it’s to far, their cold, and they begin arguing. Then Rebel and Angel begin to comfort them and they realize that they’ve been genetically engineered to be endothermic and generate their own body heat. Angel and Rebel help them get to the glider. Once they reached the glider, Angel and Rebel resume playing and the girls leave to go help the others.

Seasons 5[]

The Leap[]

Yaz and Ben picked up Rebel and Angel, took them to the jungle where they met Pierce and were reunited with Firecracker. Then Yaz and Ben begin taking them to the newly made watering hole Sammy made for all the dinosaurs on the island. Once they all arrive, Big Eatie and Little Eatie arrive, afraid a fight will start, but the two Eaties settle down and begin drinking, then Pierce, Rebel, Angel, and Firecracker join to. At the watering hole, the dinosaurs are drinking together and Rebel and Firecracker are playing.

The Core[]

At the watering hole, Ben is spending time with Angel and Rebel and then Yaz comes in and they all sit together while Yaz decides to tell Sammy how she really feels.

The Last Stand[]

As Daniel Kon enters the forest biome with his controlled dinosaurs to get the password from the campers, the Eatie’s, Pierce, raptors, Rebel, Angel, and Firecracker are peaceful drinking at the watering hole, the campers have to find a new place, besides the cave to hide Rebel, Angel and Firecracker. As Yaz and Sammy trying to hide them in the bushes, they want to resume drinking with the others. As Big Eatie hears the threat coming, she roars signaling the others, while Rebel, Angel and Firecracker hide in the bushes with Sammy and Yaz, Pierce, the raptors and the campers and Bumpy get ready for battle. As Sammy chases after Firecracker, Yaz stays with Angel and Rebel to keep them safe only to be confronted by Limbo. As Limbo begins to attack, Yaz begins hitting him with a stick with Rebel and Angel roaring. When Limbo hears Big Eatie’s roar, he runs away, while the others celebrate they won. Yaz uses berries to get Rebel to jump on Hawkes, allowing her to get the controller, Brooklynn to break it and free the Spinosaurus.

The Nublar Six[]

With victory of Mantah Corp Island and Daniel Kon gone and getting arrested, Yaz, Sammy and Ben take Rebel and Angel back to arctic biome to live peacefully.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

The Spinoceratops's fate after Mantah Corp Island was discovered and the dinosaurs were taken by the DPW is so far unknown.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]


  • The likely reason why Spinoceratops was called differently in Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Junior Novel was that the producers did not know what to call it (as it was never named in the show), so they created Sino-Spino from the first part of the Sinoceratops‘s and Spinosaurus‘s name.
  • The Spinoceratops is the only one of the four hybrid dinosaurs in canon that is not hostile to the protagonists due to the fact that its basic genome is that of a herbivore. In addition, "Angel" and "Rebel" are the only hybrid dinosaurs in the Franchise that have received official names.
  • The Spinoceratops is the only hybrid dinosaur in canon that has not been created by Wu.
    • It is also the only hybrid to not have died in it debut and the only hybrid to currently be alive.
  • It is unknown if the Spinoceratops was mixed with Asset 87’s DNA, though this is most likely the case as he is the only Spinosaurus that was caught by Mantah Corp. let alone, the only cloned Spinosaurus in-universe. This means that he is Mantah Corp's only source of Spinosaurus DNA.
  • Spinoceratops is the only hybrid to be represented exclusively as an infant in the film canon.
    • The creature is represented as an adult in Jurassic World: Alive, with the color palette resembling Rebel.
    • The creature appears in Jurassic World Evolution 2, where it is also represented as an adult. In addition to the 2 canon skins, the species also features a bioluminescent pattern.

Behind the Scenes[]