Spinonyx is a Legendary hybrid in Jurassic World: Alive added in the 1.7.25 update on April 30, 2019.


Spinonyx requires 200 DNA to hatch.

How To Make

Creature 1 DNA Cost Creature 2 DNA Cost Coin Cost Creates:

Baryonyx GEN 2 

Lv. 15

Spinosaurus GEN 2

Lv. 15


Lv. 16

Base Stats


About This Creature

This fusion of the Baryonyx GEN 2 and the Spinosaurus GEN 2 developed the unique mottled red and purple coloring that darkens as it matures. With thicker skin and a more powerful set of jaws than either of its hybrid parents, the Spinonyx is a very dangerous Spinosaur.

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