Staurikosaurus is a genus of early Dinosaur from the Mid-Late Triassic period. It was a small carnivorous theropod, only 2 metres long. It lived in South America, hence its name, which means "lizard of the Southern Cross" (referring to a constellation seen only in the Southern Hemisphere). Staurikosaurus is one of the oldest dinosaurs that has been discovered.

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Jurassic Park inspired games

  • Staurikosaurus is an enemy in the PS game The Lost World: Jurassic Park. It appears in Compy levels mostly, in the forest (except in the Brachiosaur's pass) and around the open field. The coloration was a bright yellow with black patterns all over its body.


  • So far, the Staurikosaurus and it's close cousin, Herrerasaurus are the only two members of the Herrerasaur family that have appeared in the Jurassic Park franchise to date.
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