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Stay on Mission is the tenth and final episode of the third season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on May 21, 2021.


With Brooklynn being held prisoner, the remaining campers hatch a plan to rescue her — and it won't be easy.

Plot Summary[]

Hawkes, having just captured Brooklynn, drags her back to the rest of his group, where Dr. Wu recognizes her and realizes her and the other Camp Cretaceous campers had never made it off the island. Hawkes then explains that her friends Darius Bowman and Yasmina Fadoula had taken Wu's laptop and ran off, and takes his coworker Reed to go find them. They quickly catch up to the campers, so Hawkes distracts them while sending Reed over to capture them, only for Reed to bump into Chaos and Limbo the Baryonyx, who promptly kill him for the intrusion. Now unable to give pursuit, Hawkes warns Darius and Yaz that if they do not meet them at their helicopter in a nearby valley and hand the laptop back in two hours, Brooklynn will not be released. Hawkes returns to his group and informs them of the plan, sending Wu to gather anything necessary from the lab. Fellow mercenary Dawson object to the plan, but is interrupted by a pair of Monolophosaurus investigating the hallway. The dinosaurs, lured into the lab itself by Brooklynn banging an umbrella, attack the group, a distraction Brooklynn initially uses in her attempt to escape before the pair turn their attention to her. Brooklynn eventually manages to escape outside the building and shut the door on the Monolophosaurus, but Hawkes and his team beat her outside using the vents she had been captured in. As the group travel on foot towards the helicopter, Wu attempts to assure Brooklynn that she will be back with her friends by the time they reach the helicopter and only that he only wants his research, but Brooklynn remains unconvinced. The group's trek is stopped by a raging river that had overtaken the path, and decide to cross over on a wooden log. The group climb over the log, but Dawson slips and falls into the river as it's still wet from the earlier storm. The group move to rescue Dawson, but Hawkes stops them and allows Dawson to be swept away. Continuing onwards, the group encounter a Parasaurolophus lux, which Hawkes is wary of until Brooklynn explains it's of no threat to them. Wu is in awe of the creature's bioluminescence and uses it to justify his work to Brooklynn, but wonders why it's outside the cave that it's more adapted to, to which Brooklynn explains the two Scorpius rex chased them out of it, the hybrid's ability to asexually reproduce, and that she and her friends killed both of the hybrids. Hawkes suddenly interrupts their conversation and scares off the Parasaurolophus by firing into the air, allowing them to continue towards the helicopter.

Meanwhile, Darius and Yaz reunite with Kenji, Sammy, and Ben and explain what happened to Brooklynn. Horrified, Kenji yells at them to return the laptop in order to save Brooklynn, but they initially refuse until Kanji's words give Darius the idea of copying the data onto one of Sammy's hard drives and wiping out Wu's memory and research on the laptop itself before returning it. As they return their camp, Kenji voices his issue with the plan, but Ben attempts to reassure him that he'll be able to distract the mercenaries with his Ankylosaurus Bumpy while everyone else rescues Brooklynn. Still unwilling to put Brooklyn's life at risk, Kenji takes the laptop before it fully wipes all the memory and runs off to find Wu. Both Kenji and Wu's group reach the helicopter the following morning, where Kenji hands Wu the laptop. Just as Wu is checking the laptop however, Ben follows through with the original plan and leads Bumpy and her herd of Ankylosaurus to attack Wu and Hawkes. The attack ends with Wu's laptop smashed over the head of an Ankylosaurus and Brooklynn escaping. Angered, Hawkes chases after the kids by helicopter, but Wu convinces him to leave after learning that another team got a sample of the Indominus rex. The campers celebrate their success and say their goodbyes to Bumpy, as she leaves them to live with her new herd. Darius attempts to talk with Kenji, but Kenji is angry with Darius for endangering Brooklynn's life, and states he doesn't take risks with their friends' lives. With that, they leave the island on Mitch and Tiff's boat. However, in one room on the boat, a faint roaring is heard.

Characters and Cast[]


  • This episode foreshadows Kenji's true evil side as he wrongfully blames Darius for "risking" Brooklynn's life.