The Stegosaurus is one of the larger dinosaur toys from the first toy line series of Jurassic Park.

Overall look and detail.

Many fans have criticized this toy for being inaccurate in terms of of it's sculpt and paint job. But most of them still appreciated it's nice airbrushed variety of greens.

Articulation and features:

  • Spiked-whip tail- the tail of this toy is completely rubbery and can be stretched in one direction and then return in a swipe-like action. Many fans criticized this feature to be weaker than the other special features on the larger sized toys.
  • Realistic Dinosaur Skin- the body of the toy is made from a rubbery material and feels very realistic.
  • Dino-Damage Wound- in the tigh of the toy there's a nasty wound and missing piece of flesh. so in the box, there's a piece of rubbery skin that can be plugged into there and later being taken off again to simulate that it was attacked by another dinosaur.
  • Movie Collective Card- a card featuring a situation including the toy and some dino trivia.


  • The scenario shown on the collectives card does not happen in the film. 
  • This toy was not repainted in any other line. in the next series, a more accurate stegosaurus sculpt was used. 
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