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"It's a superpredator. Suchomimus, the snout.
Think bigger. "
Billy Brennan and Alan Grant attempting to identify Spinosaurus(src)

Suchomimus ("crocodile mimic") was a spinosaurid dinosaur. It seems to be a close relative to Spinosaurus, and looks very similar to this star of Jurassic Park III. Suchomimus, however, lacked the tall spines and large sail of its famous cousin since its vertebrae were much smaller.

"It was a dinosaur trying hard to be a crocodile," says paleontologist Paul Sereno after he discovered a Suchomimus tenerensis during an expedition to Africa. It had a long snout filled with teeth that seem designed to catch fish. Long, powerful arms ended in three-fingered hands with huge claws, which would have been useful for holding on to large gar fish, which may have made up part of its diet. It probably would swim after fish or catch them on land similar to a grizzly bear and then kill it using its massive arms. Suchomimus lived 105 million years ago and this skeleton is the most complete in existence of any of the spinosaur family of dinosaurs.

Other paleontologists say that the discovery of Suchomimus is important as it illustrates the diversity of dinosaurs. In particular, this discovery illustrates that a large carnivore that lived on land could survive eating mostly fish.[1]

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Suchomimus was originally planned to be an attraction at Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar; about 75% of its genome was extracted,[2] but sadly, this never came to fruition due to the financial problems that InGen faced during the 1990s. The dinosaur was recreated by InGen for Masrani Global Corporation's new dinosaur park Jurassic World. Its color scheme on the website was dark blue with a yellow underbelly and striping from the tail to its lower back.[3] These new clones had proto-feathers on the back of their arms and on the top of their heads,[3] though its true appearance in the park is unknown.

Suchomimus lived in the Cretaceous Cruise with its relative Baryonyx.[3]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

While no Suchomimus appeared in the film, it has been revealed that there were surviving Suchomimus populations on Isla Nublar. By 2018, water poisoning and increased acidity caused by toxic emissions from the volcano were predicted to kill populations of aquatic creatures such as fish, endangering species such as the Suchomimus.[4]

None were seen being taken to Lockwood Manor, it can be assumed that the species has fallen back into extinction. But it’s possible that some Suchomimus was saved offscreen. Since some teeth can be shown in Ken Wheatley's tooth bag meaning the species survived.

By 2018 it was known that Suchomimus was subject to cruelty at sometime in the past, according to the DPG.[5] It's unknown if there any surviving populations.



  • During the Isla Sorna Incident of 2001, Billy Brennan believed the Spinosaurus to be a Suchomimus before his colleague Dr. Alan Grant corrected him.[6]
  • Unlike most carnivorous dinosaurs, Suchomimus along with its cousin Baryonyx and Metriacanthosaurus are the only carnivorous dinosaurs to coexist with herbivores in the same exhibit. Suchomimus and Baryonyx are also the first ever dinosaurs that belong to a taxonomic family to coexist in the same exhibit as well.
  • The Jurassic Park Institute website gives a max size range of 5 meters tall and 13 meters long weighing 6 tons.[7]
  • Mattel's main Suchomimus action figure resembles the Jurassic World Website very closely, albeit with notable differences.
  • The coloration on Jurassic World Website, Suchomimus bears a strong resemblance to the coloration of the Giant Danio fish.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • The sounds of the Suchomimus in Jurassic World: Evolution came from altered and mixture sounds of dog, beluga whale, ice block and the Spinosaurus.[9]

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