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Taking Control is the tenth episode of the fourth season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on December 3, 2021.


Ben's refusal to bond with a new friend leads to regret - and a realization that it's time to take Kash down. Kenji and Brooklynn face their feelings.

Plot Summary[]

Brooklynn and Kenji take the Spinoceratops they named Rebel back to the group. The Brachiosaurus runs off and is caught by some BRAD-X's and taken to Kash and Darius, where Kash injects the control chip in to control the dinosaur, much to Ben's and Darius's horror. The other 5 come up with a plan to stop Kash and Ben tells Darius. The plan, however, is complicated by a pack of Pteranodons attacking. Brooklynn and Kenji finally reveal their feelings to each other and become a couple. Kash is led into Mae's place, where is then locked in by Ben and Darius, much to Kash's anger. Darius is then reunited with the others, much to their happiness. Ben names the Brachiosaurus Firecracker and thinks about Bumpy. Meanwhile, back at Nublar, Bumpy heads to the camp and falls asleep there.

Characters and Cast[]




  • This episode is Bumpy's only physical and brief appearance in the season.
  • Kash manages to put a control chip on a baby brachiosaurus.